Can You Keep Your Principles In The Corporate World?

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Does the satisfaction and happiness one gets at the time of getting the job, remains the same? The basic idea here is about the behavioural changes that one faces upon entering the corporate world. What all psychological changes one encounters and basically how he should accommodate with them. Is it an easy task to maintain your own principles, your beliefs, your conscience and your preferences without clashing them with that of the organisation?

A fresh or post graduate moves from a life where everything is about choice, that means, he is free to decide whether to attend a lecture or not, whom to make his friend, he is liberal enough to ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately one is left tensed and miserable, but getting emotional and indecisive at this stage is the biggest blunder in the initial phase of his professional life because this is something which if not dealt with immediately, engraves in the head. Therefore one must understand that this phase of their professional life is inevitable, thus sulking over it isn’t a solution. This is something everyone has to go through at some point or the other for climbing their ladder of success. So, keeping in mind that ‘this’ is inevitable and situations will never change, one should understand that to tackle it, the only changeable option is a change in their attitude and perception, i.e., thinking of this phase as an challenge instead of a burden. For example, in the learning stage of walking, an infant rises, crawls, then falls, and continues this until finally he is able to walk. Similar is the case for succeeding in the corporate. But what stops an employee there is his ego, negative attitude and self respect, which apparently a baby is totally unaware of. Thus, this ego and attitude are the ultimate obstacles, which again must be taken as challenge instead of a drag. Other than this, the things which are hard to adapt to, are the very facts that the corporate world is extremely judgemental and a keen observer. A newbie often feels insecure in such a subtly staring environment. He finds it difficult to approach other people because he is doubtful of his own actions, this again makes him uncomfortable. A newbie employee who was once a nonchalant student of a college finds it difficult to adjust in this uptight environment, as corporate world is a place where even a body posture makes a huge difference. For example, if bluntly put, the difference between a manager and an executive is clearly noticeable, there is no need for a prior introduction. So, what leads to this difference? What makes the manager have a totally different aura? Basically it’s his overall personality...

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