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Do You Think Reconstruction Is Good?

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As an advisor to Rutherford B. Hayes, I have been asked to research the subject of Reconstruction. It is my position to explain some of the major factors of the subject, and analyze the South's future position. President Abraham Lincoln wished to restore the South so that it might become a strong Republican land after the Civil War, and so he issued a Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. It was to excuse any Confederate that would promise to support the Union, as well as the Constitution. If the state in which the Confederate took the oath passed a few conditions, the state's government would eventually receive executive recognition. Lincoln first stated that he would not try to rid the states of slavery - that he would only try to diminish the expansion of slavery by refusing slavery to expand past the original states that allowed it; his main purpose was to restore the Union. Later, Lincoln realized that the only way the Union could be completely restored was by the immediate abolition of slavery. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was signed to allow for the slave areas rebelling against the United States to be freed. The Emancipation Proclamation sparked new efforts to organize the African Americans to fight in the war. All in all, Lincoln was for the subject of Reconstruction, under the three conditions that the South would declare that secession was erroneous, that the South would accept the thirteenth amendment (to exterminate slavery), and that the war debt would be dismissed. Presidential Reconstruction was quite successful in that Andrew Jackson was adamant that secession would be repealed, as well as slavery ceased, and war debt be forgotten. President Johnson appointed governors in each of the Southern states, and one, a James Johnson started a convention to see that the three conditions were carried out. Congress, being comprised of mostly Republicans from the North, were upset because they felt that the South was trying to repeal the...

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