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Canada And The Great Depression Of The 1930's

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1929-1939- The Great Depression
The depression years of 1929 - 1939 proved to be the worst, and some of the best years for Canada and Canadians. It was a time of extreme highs and lows socially, emotionally, and economically. It was a time that Canada came into her own being on the world wide stage.
During the worst depression years in Canada, there were many people who tried tirelessly to get Canada out of the crisis she was in more quickly and efficiently. William Aberhart and his group of supporters had a plan that they were sure could help and even end the depression and its horrible effects. His theory was if a twenty-five dollar cheque was given monthly to each family, it would alleviate their financial fears and jumpstart the economy. Having confidence in his idea, he went to share it with both political parties. Unfortunately, both parties rejected the idea; saying money would only become more worthless. Even after running and being elected as Premier of Alberta, the resolution was not accepted because of the overwhelming responsibility towards the federal government.
Even though Aberhart’s plan was not put into action, there were many others like him whose voiced opinions and ideas encouraged the end of the depression. William Lyon MacKenzie King was a main contributor towards leading Canada out of the depression. When the depression started, King was still in the position of Prime Minister;
so when the election of the 1930’s came, King had a new opponent. His opponents name was Richard Bennett. Bennett suggested that tariffs should be raised, and that the wealthy and stable should give to the poor; while King was campaigning for lower tariffs, attempting to help those who were poor and needy without taking from the wealthy. At the election, it was Bennett who took the win with the majority of votes. When King once again took over, he created the Reciprocity Treaty with the United States in 1937 and removed provincial requests for money. Instead he gave this money to relief programs who were helping the new and improved Canada get back on its feet. Even throughout its toughest times and mistakes, Canada was still able to overcome its issues and rise above all damage done.
Many red arrows representing the crash of the stocks market were everywhere, at the streets many people were looking for jobs, every people’s life conditions were terrible and this crisis never seemed that it will end one time. The stock market crash which occurred in 1929 October 29th was a beginning of a financial disaster. This incident made a economy killing cycle and the situation got worse. However, in my opinion, what I think that shocked the rest of the world most was the Canadian’s not giving up spirit, which endured all the natural disasters, grasshopper sweep and other negative things which gave a bigger impact on the damage that great depression gave us. In my opinion, I think that the whole time period from 1929 to 1939 which is from crash to...

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