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Canada And Their Government´S Intervention In The Entertainment Industry

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Many people argue whether not Canada has any culture at all, and why American culture seems to have such a big influence on Canadian music, art and television. Over the years the Canadian government has tried to protect and develop talent in Canada. Once British traditions started to fade away, the influence on Canada from America became stronger. If Canada was to become a strong independent country they needed their own identity. The government support has played an important role in the arts development, as has the establishment of numerous art schools and colleges across the country .Canada has produced a variety of well-known films, actors, and authors. Even though American culture has strongly penetrated and influenced Canadian culture, the government has created many different openings for Canadian culture to be protected and expanded throughout Canada using things like; the national film board, creation of the CBC and the Canadian content rule.
In 1928, the federal government under Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King, formed the Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting.The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was to provide programs and extend coverage to all parts of the country. The CBC took over the radio and began broadcasting in English and French. The broadcasting was necessary to protect Canada against American cultural penetration. The CBC provides; regional and local radio and television programming to people living across Canada. From the 1920s, when the need arose for Canadian presence on the radio to counter the American influence and protect Canadian culture, to the present day, CBC/radio is recognised as one of this country’s greatest cultural institutions. Canada in the 20s and 30s – creation of Canada broadcast corporation. The Canadian broadcasting is one of the world’s major public broadcasting organizations. The federal government of Conservative Prime Minister Richard Bennett moved towards a national public radio network with passage of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act in 1932 .CBC operates national radio (AM/FM) it has provided Canadians with a wide range of high quality of information and entertainment. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was created for two main reasons. First, the Canadians were concerned about the growing influence of radio coverage coming from the US in the 1920s. Second, the Canadian railway system was already establishing a radio network to provide radio entertainment to its passengers. In 1932, the “cbc” was first established as the”CRBC”, but the”R” for radio was later removed The Canadian Broadcasting Act replaced the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Act passed by Parliament on May 26, 1932, which had established the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC). The CBC was a growth of Canada becoming a prosperous country. At first Canadian cultural was practically invisible and was overwhelmed with American TV, radio. Canada quickly solved the problem and moved into a period of cultural...

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