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Canada Continued To Struggle For Its Independence.

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Canada successfully continued its progress towards greater nationalindependence, by taking small steps to their independent victories, during thetime in the Paris Peace Conference, the Chanak affair, the Halibut Treaty,Imperial Conference and Balfour Declaration, and the Statute of Westminister.The First step Canada took was during the the end of a great war in the ParisPeace Conference.As the war was ending, Sir Robert Borden believed that Canada should take itsown place in the peace settlement. That is when, Borden insisted that Canadawould sit at the peace conference in its own right, because Canada hadsacrificed in war and deserve equal treatment. In the end, Canada was given twoseats at the Paris Peace Conference and signed the treaty of Versailles. Thisshowed that Canada was becoming more mature and separate from Britain. Anotherstep was taken in Canada that proved Canada was more independent, was during theChanak Affair.Another gentlemen also stepped up to Britain, and told Britain that they wouldhave to consult the Parliament before they could send Canada to the war withTurkey during the Chanak Affair. That man was Mackenzie King, Canada's PrimeMinister during the 1922. As part of the peace treaty agreements after would warone, Britain had agreed to keep some troops in Chanak (a village in turkey), tokeep the Dardanelles, straits that linked the Black sea to the MediterraneanSea, a neutral territory. However the small British garrison was threatened byTurkish force which lead Britain to call upon its empire to help it protect thestraits. Mackenzie King announced that "Canada would no longer automaticallycommit to fight at Britons side whenever the British Command it" because, Kingdid not want to send troops to Chanak without first Consulting Canada'sParliament (which he had no intention of doing so). The British foreignsecretary was unhappy about Canada's show of independence when King remindedBritain that...

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