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Canada: Globalization And Sustainable Development Essay

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The occurrence of globalization, sustainable development, and the ecological footprint are all seemingly connected in today’s environmental capacities. To further understand these environmental processes, one must divulge into these individual environmental concepts to properly understand their facilitations. Furthermore, according to professor Vamvakas “a major theme of Sustainable development is the alternative to the destruction of the world environment by the economic imperative of globalization” (Vamvakas, 2014).
The topic of sustainable development has been a pressing and sustainable issue pertaining to environmental politics for several decades. The federal government of Canada has ...view middle of the document...

However, the ecological footprint theory and federal sustainable act can be seen as positive aspects among society. In 2008, the Canadian government established the federal sustainable act which has “signaled a change in how the Government of Canada would fulfill its commitment to sustainable development. The Act called for a comprehensive approach representing all of government through a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) that is updated every three years. This approach, currently in its second cycle, provides a whole-of-government view of actions to achieve environmental sustainability, is integrated into core federal planning and reporting, and is supported by a robust measurement strategy” (COG, 2014). The Ecological footprint “acknowledges that humanity is facing difficult challenges, makes them apparent, and directs action toward sustainable living” (Vamvakas, 2014). The formal definition of the ecological footprint briefly identifies the link and interconnectedness among the concept of sustainable development.
The ecological footprint theory and explanation was developed by Mathis Wackernagel and William E. Rees in 1996, to account for the earth’s natural resource depletion and consumption associated with humanity (Bunker). Greg Bunker, author of Ecological Footprint Analysis defines the ecological footprint as “the total area of biologically productive land and water required by an entity to sustain its current consumption levels. The Ecological Footprint analysis has been applied to countries, businesses, individuals, and educational institutions” (Bunker, 2005). Furthermore, Greg Bunker continues to make several assumptions and connections towards the ecological footprint and sustainable development. He states “the strength of the Ecological footprint analysis is that it communicates degrees and patterns of consumption simply and clearly (Moffat, 2000). In addition to serving as an effective awareness tool, the Ecological footprint analysis can also guide us toward sustainability through a change of practice or policy. But the ecological footprint analysis has its limitations. It is a static measurement, representing the consumption of an entity at one particular point in time. More importantly, the only way to reduce the size of a footprint is to acquire more land, decrease the population, or more realistically and appropriately, reduce the amount of goods and services that each person consumes. Overall, the EFA is a conservative measure of resource consumption since any practice considered by its nature not sustainable (e.g., toxic waste production and assimilation) is not included in its calculations, despite its detrimental effect on natural resources” (Bunker, 2005). Similarly, in professor Vamvakas’s lecture 9 Principles of Ecology: Our Ecological Footprint the major theme outlined states “our environmental crisis is mostly a behavioural and social crisis driven by a philosophy of selfish individualism. The...

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