Canada Government And Health Care Act

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The first Democratic institution in Canada developed slowly with the first representative assembly in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1758, with Prince Edward Island following in 1773, and New Brunswick in 1785 (“Discover Canada”, 2012). In 1791, the British Parliament passed a constitutional act that divided the Province of Quebec. This act split Upper Canada in the west, which later became Ontario and consisted of English-speaking Protestants while Lower Canada in the east, which later became Quebec consisted of French-speaking Catholics into two colonies (University of Ottawa, n.d.). This single act officially named the continent Canada and gave them the right to elect a legislative assembly ...view middle of the document...

Other responsibilities of the governor general is to preside over the swearing in of the prime minister, the chief justice of Canada, and cabinet, delivering speeches, signs official documents, and meets with the prime minister (“The Governor General of Canada > Constitutional Duties > Events", n.d.).
The Canada Health Act regulates conditions for funding for health care in the individual provinces and territories. There are five main principles for the act Public Administration, Comprehensiveness, Universality, Portability, and Accessibility. The Public Administration carries out public authority on a non-profit basis. In each province or territory, their records and accounts can be audited. Comprehensiveness ensures that any hospitals, physicians, or health services are insured. Universality ensures that all residents of a province or territory have the same level of health care. Probability ensures that if a resident moves from one province or territory to another they are covered under their health care from their home province during the minimum waiting period. Accessibility...

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