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Canada Has Not Taken Responsibility For The Behavior Of The Mining Corporations Abroad

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Canada, which is the headquarters of Barrick Gold Corporation, runs 60 percent of the world’s mining corporations across the globe. Notwithstanding the fact that even though it is the forerunner in this industry, Canada has not taken the lead on mediating or taking responsibility for the behavior of their corporations abroad. The consequence of this carelessness is, Canada has drawn criticisms from around the world, first from the environmental, religious and human rights organizations, and now increasingly from international institutions, such as the United Nations.
1. Environment: According to a conservative estimate by the No Dirty Gold campaign, a project of Earth Works and Oxfam, on average it takes 79 tons of waste to extract one ounce of gold. (Acid mine drainage) AMD and Cyanide are the main reasons for this problem. AMD is harmful to ecosystems because it makes water too acidic to ...view middle of the document...

Police, called by Barrick. Likewise, on April 11, 2007 Marvin Gonzalez Castillo, a 19 year old boy, was killed by two bullets in his torso. He was a victim of police repression against protests organized by social and eco- logical organizations. This protest was part of a regional 48 hours strike, was part of a series of coordinated actions that included thousands of marchers throughout the Ancash region.
3. Human rights: Human rights abuse used to be the work of repressive governments, but increasingly corporations are getting into the act. Mine security personnel in Papua New Guinea linked Barrick to a number of these abuses, including the forced evictions of small-scale miners and residents, the alleged murder of mine critics at their Bulyanhulu and North Mara gold mines in Tanzania, and the killing of alluvial miners. Many violent clashes have also occurred between police and activists opposing Barrick’s mining operations in Peru, Chile, and Argentina.
Subsequently, the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman of the World Bank issued a report refuting LEAT’s claims of mass murder and the number of people displaced, based on evidence supplied by the Tanzanian government and Barrick Gold challenged this evidence. Similarly, Barrick’s North Mara mine suffered great human rights abuses under its predecessor, Canada’s Placer Dome. Lissu, who has been jailed for anti-mining activism, claims that Bar- rick’s security operatives at the North Mara mine have since been linked to six violent deaths and that the killings are part of a strategy to silence mine critics.
Most of the conflict arises over whether the local tradition of alluvial mining became illegal under arrangements and contracts held by the Porgera gold mine. ATA claimed that no Ipili agreed to give up traditional rights. The company has hired a 400 men security team, which it calls Asset Protection Department, to guard the facility. Over the years, what started as a congenial arrangement has turned into small-scale armed conflict that has caused hundreds of injuries, sometimes 40 to 50 a day, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

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