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Canada Must Fix The Healthcare System

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When asked to describe what makes Canada unique compared to other countries, many outsiders might yell out “Hockey!” “Cold Weather!” or “Free Health Care!.” Health care is definitely one of Canada’s most noticeable trademarks when compared to the United States, but the reality is that our health care services are not what they are made out to be. Canadians tend to take pride in the fact that they have a Government funded health care system, but the system is failing at a rapid pace. One can gage the quality of health care in our country while at the emergency ward in any hospital, where most Canadians realize its downsides. The Government spends most of its budget towards health care but Canadians are not feeling an improvement. Waiting times at the emergency rooms are only increasing and they can be life threatening which is why many Canadians are crossing the border to find better and faster service, even if payment is required. Canada’s single tiered health care is slowly starting to become our bane and is not on a par with modernizing healthcare services. A well thought out and planned two-tiered health care system would solve many of the growing problems related with one of the Government’s biggest spending interests. Allowing Canadians the option between Government regulated and controlled paid health care or Government funded health care would benefit consumers and decrease spending of the budget. The three areas that will be discussed in relation to the health care problem are: the true state of health care in Canada, a hinting change towards the privatization of health care, and a closer look at the possible advantages and disadvantages of a two tiered system.
Our health care system receives a lot of funding from the Government but many people are not noticing a difference in the quality and rate of treatments. Many political experts are gradually starting to worry about the state of crisis that this system is in. The three issues that these experts notice include: the very poor management with lack of leadership, overspending on medication, doctors, and facilities; and lack of information being circulated throughout the health care service. Rachel Mendleson of the Canadian Business archive explains some of the problems with our current health care system in detail. To start off with, management is labelled as being very inefficient. Money is being wasted, there is a lack of desire to scavenge valuable information for better treatment, keeping records of treatment outcomes, and reducing the chances of unnecessary duplicate treatments. (Mendleson) It is argued that our health care system would benefit more if it would be viewed as a corporation with strong and co-ordinated leadership, planning, and spending. It is clear that the state of the health care system right now appears to be disorganized and poorly managed. An effective solution would be to introduce a system of corresponding responsibilities among different members in this...

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