Analysis Of Article By Nicholas Keung´S Canada’s Ban On Pakistani Child Adoption

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In the article, “Canada’s Ban on Pakistani adoption”, Nicholas Keung, an immigration reporter, talks about the Canadian government’s decision to ban the adoption of children from Pakistan, citing an issue with their Islamic practice of Kafala; a system of guardianship which neither ends the biological parent-child relationship nor grants full parental rights to the adoptive parents. He tells us that this ban which just took effect in July brought about a lot of controversy and left these prospective parents as well as the Pakistani children who are waiting to be adopted emotionally distressed. I oppose the decision made by the Canadian government to ban the adoption of Pakistani children. I am against this motion because this ban is an obvious form of marginalization of these Pakistani orphan children. Also, adoption of children from a different race can be a benefit to the Canadian Government as well as the nation as a whole.
The abrupt move that was made and took effect in July is a form of marginalization of these Pakistani orphan children. I say so because these children are being deprived of a good and decent home and family. The imposition of this ban has reduced their chances of being adopted by a family that would show them love and care just as much as any other child needs and deserves. According to Nicholas,
“most parents that have already begun the process of this adoption process, have given
up their time and money just to see through the process and these children who have
obviously been anticipating for someone to come and take them in have had their hopes
crushed to pieces just because of this unexpected move.”
This has left them asking why now? The Canadian government say that prospective parents have to complete a training course named PRIDE (Parental Resources for Information Development and Education), before the province for example, Ontario, can issue an approval letter to the Pakistani adoption authority to begin the process. I believe that by doing this they have only made the adoption process more demanding and longer, as the process which usually takes as long as three years has now been made even longer, and furthermore placing an unexpected ban on the adoption process has worsened the case. I do not think that the Kafala system is sufficient reason to ban the adoption of children because it has never been a problem before, so why now? When these children who are up for adoption come to the knowledge that a ban has been introduced which prevents them from being adopted, they certainly will not feel happy about that. They will feel as if they are not needed or accepted. Placing a ban does not contribute to helping these less privileged children find a family that is eager to take them in; it actually worsens the situation. Also, the ban is a form of marginalization, as the cultural practice of Kafala of the Muslim-majority country Pakistan is...

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