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Canada´S Immigration In 1920s And Anti Semitism

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Canada did except Jewish refugees, but before the war and they only took in 4000 Jews. Canadians were very hostile towards Jews. Anti-Semitism existed in Canada back in the 1920s-30s. There were no Jewish lawyers, teachers and professors. Many Jews hid their identities in order to get a job. Signs saying no Jews allowed were hung outside of resorts and clubs. In 1930s Canada’s immigration policy was very restrictive, only British and American immigrants were preferred. So it didn’t allow Jews to enter Canada that wanted to flee Europe. 937 Jewish passengers on the M.S. St. Louis were refused to enter Canada. Because of Canada’s wartime policies nearly 2,300 men were interned as enemy aliens in camps across Canada in between 1940-1943.Canadians did think that Jews needed help, but they thought that they should be sent to Asia or Africa. Canada thought Jews would not make good settlers. Mackenzie King also had negative views on Jews, and he also believed in Jewish ...view middle of the document...

Then the allies attacked by aircrafts, and soldiers parachuted down from planes. When they encircled the enemy, Germany knew they were outnumbered and that they had no chance of winning, so they surrendered. Hitler then committed suicide, because Mussolini was hung to death by his own people. Afraid that this would also be his fate, he killed himself. This meant Jews were now free, since the German forces also surrendered. After this, Canadian forces liberated the Westerbrook Transit camp in Netherlands, and set free 900 Dutch Jews who were still interned there. Canada was made up of 40,000 holocaust survivors who resettled across the country after the war.
After reading this interview I want people to feel sympathy for those who had to go through this. Because if they feel sympathy it will prevent this situation from happening again. I want people to know what the Jews actually went thru, because sometimes people don’t know the full truth. Anyone can lie about a specific race and culture and get everyone to hate it, but at the end all that is a lie, but others get punish for it. For example the Jews, Hitler spread so much hate and told everyone they were “bad” people, but where they actually? No, they were just as innocent as you and me. But people were to blind by Hitler’s words that they didn’t bother to find out themselves. After reading/watching this interview I want people to think about why this happened, and how it could have been prevented.
My product highlights the importance because it shows people how things can get really bad if you let them go on for too long. Hitler could have been defeated and stopped, but no one stopped him. German citizens could have turned their faces when he hated on the Jews, but they didn’t. This shows how bad things can get with, not just with anti-Semitism, but racism and prejudice if we let it be. My product highlights the importance because many people will view/read it, meaning more and more people will get to learn about the holocaust and the injustice that happened to Jews. It’ll always be a reminder for people that things like this do exist. If there are no interviews or info on a topic like the holocaust people will forget about it and the newer generations won’t be able to learn about it, or know exactly what happen since they do not have any direct info from a survivor.`

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