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Canada's Independence Essay

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A century ago, Canada was under control by the British Empire. The battles we fought the treaties we signed and the disputes we solved all helped us gain independence from our mother country “Britain”. Canadians fought a long battle protecting others, and from these battles we gained our peaceful reputation and our independence from Britain. Canada became a nation on July, 1st 1867. Although we were an independent country, our affairs and treaties were all still signed by Britain. In the next years Canada would establish its own government, and lead its own affairs. Many important events led to Canada’s independence, one of the earliest signals that Canada wanted to establish autonomy was the Chanak affair of 1921. In addition the battle of Normandy, which occurred on June 6 1944, contributed to the autonomy of Canada. The Suez Canal Crisis, which took place in the year 1956, earned Canada a place in the media spotlight, displaying Canada as a peaceful country that deserves the right to be independent. One of the final steps that aided with Canada’s independence from Britain was the Canada Act of 1982. Independence from Britain steadily increased throughout the 20th century because of political decisions made in Canada.
The Chanak affair of 1922 was a major event, and one of the earliest signals that Canada wanted to establish autonomy. The affair took place in Chanak, Turkey. The dispute involved Turks and the British. During the course of the affair, British troops were outnumbered; they were in need of more troops, so they requested Canada’s help. Unlike previously where Canada was automatically at war when Britain declared war, Prime minister King who was in power at that time, insisted that he would have to consult the parliament for a vote, before sending Canadian troops on this mission. He wanted to make decisions on behalf of his country; he believed that “Britain could not assume that Canada would automatically answer her call”. Although this dispute was solved before things got out of hand, it was apparent that Canada wanted to have a say in its affairs. This Chanak affair signaled that Canada wanted independence from Britain.
Canada played a major role in the battle of Normandy. This was one of the most important battles Canada had ever fought in, particularly because this is one of the few battles that Canada fought separately from Britain. Canadians, who were considered underdogs, were assigned to fight off German forces at “Juno Beach”. Surprisingly, Canadians were the first and only group to achieve all their objectives. The battle proved Canada as a strong country that was capable of walking on its own, without the help of neighboring countries or its very own dominion. The battle of Normandy brought world-wide attention to Canada and its troops and put them in the media spotlight, Canadians were praised for their hard work and dedication of defeating the German forces. This battle is often represented as a milestone in Canadian...

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