Canada's Lack Of Core Values Throughout Its History

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Throughout the years, Canada has grown and matured as a country. Even today, the nation still acknowledges its triumphs and uses lessons learned from past experiences to keep moving forward. However, the core values that Canadians like to follow are not all that they seem. Although Canada prides itself in being a grand supporter of human rights and justice for all, there have been many times where its true dark colours have shown through, including the treatment of First Nations, the treatment of the French, and the treatment of its citizens during the Great Depression. It is unfortunate that such a self-proclaimed peaceful country has treated its people so poorly in the past on more than one occasion.
Even today, one can witness how poorly the First Nations are being treated by the Canadian government. In most aspects of life these people are being given less respect than any other race and culture in the country. Since the time that the European settlers arrived in Canada, they wanted to completely assimilate the natives’ ways of life . They did this in many ways. For instance, the white government decided that the best way to takeover the First Nations’ culture was through their children. They set up “residential schools”, which were schools created by the Canadian government. All aboriginal children under the age of sixteen were forced to attend, and these schools would turn the children against their own ways of life and force them to become Christian. At these schools the children were assaulted and beaten when they spoke anything but English, and had to practice the ways of the white children. Creating these schools was the ultimate act of assimilation, as the government was destroying the First Nation people from the roots, slowly and painfully removing any sign of their culture forever. In addition to this, the Canadian government created awful places for the Natives to live in, called reserves. Most of these had “living conditions comparable to those of third world countries” . There was rarely any fresh water or electricity, and diseases spread like hay fire from person to person. The reserves were mostly made up of tiny, unsanitary shacks, and most of the First Nations living on these reserves were unemployed. From an outsider’s point of view, it looked like the government made an effort to please the aboriginals by creating the reserves, when in fact doing so was worse than doing nothing. One can see the injustice and violation of human rights that the reserves brought upon the Natives. Finally, perhaps one of the greatest problems brought upon the natives was the Indian Act . This unlawful document, passed in 1876, lowered the priority status of Native Canadians compared to other races in the country. For example, complaints from the aboriginal people received much lower priority than those of others, especially within the justice system. The amendments within this document stated that white men must control all of the reserves....

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