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Canada's Victory In The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

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In the spring of 1917, the battle of Vimy Ridge took place. As the Germans occupied it, the British had fought long and hard, but had failed to capture it after many attempts. Their immediate solution was to order the Canadians to try and capture this valuable piece of land once and for all. Unlike the British, the Canadians had taken time to think up a plan, which would catch the Germans off guard. The plan suggested that the Canadians make a dummy hill of Vimy Ridge, so that they memorize every spot on the hill. The Canadians built a full-scale replica of the ground over which their troops would have to attack, giving all units the chance to practice their attacking movements The Canadians had also learned to fight with the German machine guns, which allowed them to use the German’s weapons against them. The main part of the plan was called the “Rolling Curtain”. As bombs would be going off at the German trenches, the Canadians would follow behind them, instead of waiting for the Germans to get to their positions, like the British let them do. As the Rolling Curtain was a success, the Germans exited their trenches, to find the Canadians waiting there with their weapons. After a short period of time, 8 hours to be exact, the Canadians were able to recapture Vimy Ridge. They were able to capture 3700 Germans; however they suffered a loss of 3000 courageous soldiers.

Throughout the past years, Canada has had many memorable moments. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a moment in history that Canada should be proud of. This was the first major gain for the British in the war, which led them to success later on, this was a key component in Canada’s move to become and independent country, and it earned respect for Canadians all over the world. When the Canadians were able to take Vimy Ridge in eight hours, they became known as a country, instead of another nation under the British Empire.

As the British had been trying to take Vimy Ridge by using the same plan over and over again, they had failed, and called in the Canadian Corps to bail them out. Since this was the first major battle won for the British, it gave them the courage, confidence and the proper mindset to go into the rest of the war with their heads held high. Vimy Ridge was the deepest advance the Allies had made in over two years of war. Canadians all around the world should be proud of the Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge, as this changed the outcome of the war. Vimy Ridge was a key to the German defence system. If the Canadians had not succeeded in capturing Vimy Ridge, the German’s woud have still posessed a key position, in which the Allies would have a tough time getting around. If the Canadians had not taken Vimy Ridge from...

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