Canada Should Ban All Trans Fats In Restaurants

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Canada Should Ban All Trans Fats in Restaurants

What did trans fats ever do to you? Honestly, do we need to ban trans fats this instance or should it be kept in our restaurants like it is now? I’m convinced the latter is much better for the community, for friends and family and for everyone else in society. To begin with who is going to tell me what I can’t put in my mouth or what I can’t? I make that decision not anyone else. Furthermore, by banning trans fats it causes unnecessary consequences by wasting time, money and effort. I haven’t been living under a rock these past years so I believe that people should simply know better about what they consume on a day to day basis. I’d prefer if someone would inform rather than force me about this controversial issue on “trans fats and fats in common.” Continuing with that thought, the elimination of trans fats can also eliminate healthy fats in restaurants. One thing is straight from here on out in this essay: Canada shouldn’t ban trans fats in restaurants.
Canada allows citizens to have freedom to make their own decision, about what they want to eat. That’s why it is such a great country. Walking into a restaurant are usually adults or adults accompanying their children and the adult selects the meal. That’s been going on for decades so why change that now? Banning trans fats is messing up the idea that restaurant- goers decide what they put in themselves, they choose and make their own judgments, good or bad. And the fact that trans fats isn’t addictive says enough that it by no means should it be banned. The idea that the FDA, The Food and Drug Administration and the government haven’t banned other life threatening substances and if so has it drastically changed our lifestyle in terms of making it healthier? It hasn’t therefore; the elimination of trans fats won’t do any good either.
Moving on, the ban would cause unnecessary consequences by wasting time, money, and effort. Wonder what’s the impact on restaurant owners? Well, they would have to alter recipes to make them trans fat-free, remove specific ingredients and replace them with other ones, plus it might damage their businesses. If the removal of trans fats causes customers to lose the taste we’ve come to love in fast food, pastry, etcetera, wouldn’t that only hurt ourselves in the end? We might not be satisfied in the food that is now trans fats free because we are so used to food with trans fats. If that’s not enough then what about the government, who wants everyone to be healthy, but having to spend money to hire inspectors to ensure the new law is enforce and is in place. That will take time and effort that wouldn’t be spent if Canada kept trans fats in restaurants regardless of the health concern. “We don’t think that a municipal health agency has any business banning a product that the FDA has already approved,” Dan Flehshler said, of...

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