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Canada Stuff Essay

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Nation-State as defined by Cultural Anthropology: a problem based approach is “a Political community that has clearly defined territorial boarders and centralized authority” (Cummings et all: 2007:205) Canada is a nation state because it has a defined boarder and a democratic system in place. The article “Canada’s immigration system lacks heart, critics say” by Debra Black discusses the critiques Canada’s Immigration and Refugee programs. This article also brings up many topics, like what it means to be Canadian, and how Canadians are seen internationally regarding immigration and refugees.
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In the article “Canada’s Immigration system lacks heart, critics say” uses this sentence “To many of the world’s refugees Canada represents a place of safety and asylum” to emphasis the idea of Canadian nationalism. The article also stresses the idea that the immigration and refugee has lost heart of compassion, signalling that this is a huge part of what makes a Canadian, a Canadian. Words like “Canadian Citizen” and “English – language qualifications” create a feeling of nation and creating a uniform Canadian Citizen. It also sets the qualifications for being a true Canadian.
The overall message presented about Canada in the article is about it being a safe zone for immigrants and refugees. Also the idea that it is a place for multiculturalism to flourish. Although there are two opposing views on the current system of immigration and refugee policy, both views agree that Canada was a nation for Immigrants and refugees. One of the view points, presented by Immigration Minister Jason Kenny argues that currently Canada is doing a great job with immigration, letting in people that are “truly” refugees (Black.2013). The article brushes on the idea of how Canada’s immigration and refugee policy responded to the 9/11attacks, by creating tighter restrictions (Black. 2013). Since Canada was under heavy attack from the USA about their Immigration and Refugee policies, Canada responded by tightening Immigration policy and made it harder to claim citizenship or refugee status. The second view point presented by Stephan Lewis and his wife Michele Landsberg and various lawyers claims that immigration and refugee policies are beginning to become too selective and lack the sympathy that the system used to have (Black. 2013). Canada is trying to become more of a Nation by standardizing and creating English requirements for people applying to be Canadian citizens. Canada in the article is as two contrary things, one as an accepting nation where all immigrants and refugees are welcome as long as they pass certain requirements (for example people who are seen as being “terrorist”, people who pass the Standard English written exam etc). In international light, Canada is seen as being an accepting nations and almost feeding the stereotype of Canada being a passive and welcome country....

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