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Canadian American Relations Essay

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As Lester B. Pearson once said “Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects.” Politics may create disagreements and conflict between two countries, but it can also affect countries relations. When Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker refused to accept American warheads it has set back Canadian and American relations. However In many ways we still help each other out. Canada benefits from close ties to the United States of America because it helps our economy, forms our culture, and they provide military protection.
First of all, Canada benefits from close ties to America because it helps us with our economy. Back in the late 1950’s and 1960’s the opening of American branch plants were ...view middle of the document...

Mass quantities of goods allow small businesses to open, it also allows more advertising. Some might say American advertising has a great influence in Canadian media. Ever since the 1950’s more of the American culture has been known to influence Canadian ways of living through the media.
Secondly, closer ties to America helped us form a culture we know to this day. American media was playing through Canadian televisions and radios. In the late 1950s after Canadian’s pride and joy was aggravated by the “Avro Arrow”, Canadian aviation talent went to America and helped with the man landing on the moon. This influenced Hollywood to dedicate movies and T.V shows. Some of Canadian actresses and actors stared in the playing of Hollywood shows and movies, along with American actors and actresses. Canadians started watching more television which influenced Canadian buying behaviours, clothes, behaviours, food etc. American culture had slightly influenced Canadian culture through media. Also America has always been Canada’s number one trading partner. Gordon Morton McGregor, who was head of the Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., set up the largest automotive car company in Candaians. This car company gave many Canadians jobs since they were manufactured by Canadians however the parts that came in for the automobiles were from America. American goods were being transferred to Canada so they can manufacture cars. The Americans have a culture that is recognized as being luxuries and rich. By America trading valuable goods with Canada we gained recognition as Canada being a wealthy and luxuries country. Canada and America were getting along in the business and media world; however America also helped us by giving us military protection.
Lastly, Canadian and American relations offered each other Military protection. In the 1950’s America and Russia were the two most powerful countries, after World War II America and Russia owned parts of Germany, and they both were seen as having powerful militaries because they both owned nuclear weapons and atomic bombs. In 1949 several nations formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a pact that was made to protect its members from the Warsaw Pact. Canada had benefits to this because both Canada and America were involved in NATO. We had one of the powerful countries on outside that has a strong military and technology to help...

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