Canadian Denial About The Environment Essay

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Is Canada a third world country? This question at first glance may appear obvious; however, if you look at our recycling, garbage generation, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions it becomes clear we are slipping from grace and into disaster. The problem is growing faster than our mindsets are changing. Unfortunately the public and the Government are in denial. Canadians seem to think if there is an abundance of something it can be wasted. Canadian is not doing nearly enough to improve the environment.

The largest shameful and damaging aspect of our denial is demonstrated by how our nation treats our water. Water is an extremely essential substance for humans and life as we know it. ...view middle of the document...

There should be filtering plants before any waste water is dumped back into our waters. There should also be more regulation of industries to lower contaminants.

Another place Canada is in denial is with landfills. According to a recent study, Canada produces a staggering 777 kilograms per capita more than double the rate of the lowest country in the study Japan (CBCnews, 2013). Also the study found that we were the worst in that category and several others (CBCnews, 2013). This is an embarrassment to our nation. But to be fair to individual citizens the majority of this waste is produced by industries. Still that is an abhorred excuse; the industries in Canada should not be that wasteful.

This problem is actually getting worse over time. Canada’s municipal waste generated per capita has been on a steady rise since 1990 (“Municipal Waste,” 2013). What can we do to solve this problem? Well the Canadian government should encourage economic growth in industries that are not heavily dependent on our natural resource. They should enact legislation for more regulation or more expenses for waste. They should also encourage education of this issue a higher priority so Canadians could determine their own decisions.

Something else Canada is falling behind in is our recycling sector. The government is simply unwilling to modernize. Our nation disposes of 26 million metric tons per year and redirects 8 million (Statcan, 2013). That is about twenty four percent. It would be reasonable to think that is impressive; however, if compared to Germany it just does not measure up. The Germans are the recycling leader of the world. They boast an incredible seventy five percent recovery rate as of 2007 (Bmub, 2009). For municipal waste they redirect another seventy five % form landfills (Bmub, 2009). They appear to be capable of reaching their goal of over ninety five percent of redirection by 2020.

We should idolize the...

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