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Canadian Equalization Payments Essay

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Are equalization payments a good thing? I'm not sure; maybe if Alberta's government funded more money for the education system instead of giving it away I might know the answer. Sure this province has lots of money right? Yet every penny is still being pinched by Ralph Klein We could be using this money to better the education and health system but instead it's being taken from us and given to provinces that did nothing to earn it. Would it be greedy of Alberta to keep its rightful money? Or are the real greedy ones the provinces stealing our wealth? What did they do for us? Why should we sit back and baby sit the other provinces, when we could use this money for our own needed funding? The idea of equalization has been sold and re-sold to Canadians by their politicians as a basic "Canadian value." It is fairness, it is helping the regions which need help, and on and on. Welfare should be a lifeboat not a houseboat. With equalization we haven't made it easy for people from less fortunate provinces to live well - what we have done is taken away the incentive to do much better. We've clung to the sentimental notion that everyone is entitled to stay put, even though there simply isn't enough work and never will be. We have, in short, created a welfare mentality where the income isn't enough to live well on but is enough to keep you from making a big effort to do better for yourself and your family. Is this cruel talk? I...

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