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Canadian Health Care System: Evaluating The Positive And Negative Aspects

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The health care system in Canada seems to be a well-functioning system, but is it really? The negatives of the system are rapidly growing and the positives of the system are decreasing in the eyes of Canadian citizens. This paper will weigh the positive and negatives of Medicare, followed by a personal response on what could be fixed in order to make the system better than it is now. The positives of our health care system are great aspects to have, but the system is beginning to show many signs of attrition because of it (Simpson, 2012). Each individual should be charged for a doctor’s service, as it may resort in less wait times and decreased costs in taxes.
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The Canadian health care system appears to be undeniably perfect, but there are many flaws in this system, as it is showing many signs of attrition (Simpson, 2012). Some of the issues are political discretion, long wait times and misleading representations. No politician would actually disclose this kind of information to the public, but government funds are mainly being spent on health care services rather than other needed services (Simpson, 2012). Also, Canada has the most extended wait times in the Western ecosphere (Simpson, 2012). The reason being is because people take advantage of the accessible health care by coming in with symptoms as little as a cough, which creates extended wait times for people who have real emergencies. Doctors can’t get to all of the patients in a timely manner, due to there being more patients than there are doctors (Ireland, 2013).
Lastly, Canada is known to have free health care, but the truth is our “free” health care isn’t free because we pay for it in our taxes. The more people abuse the system by going to the hospital for unnecessary treatment, the more the cost will increase. This results in higher taxes each year, as an individual isn’t paying for their own health care, they are paying for everybody’s (Formosa Post, 2013). As you can see there are many negatives in Canada’s health care system, such as, long wait times, not so free health care and political discretion.
In weighing the pros and cons of Canadian health care, I think there are many difficult decisions that need to be made in order to improve Medicare. There are flaws in very major aspects. Canadian Health care is great, but to me it is too generous for Canadian individuals because it allows a person with little to no injuries to receive free medical service when it is most likely unnecessary; therefore, it creates negatives such as the one stated previously about patients taking advantage of the free health care system. It would be better to charge individuals for health care because it would reduce the amount of people who take advantage of the system. As a result, the system would not be over used for unimportant visits. Also...

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