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Canadian History Essay

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In Canadian history it is quite evident we are influenced heavily by the much stronger nations around us. Therefore our own content in Canada is sometimes overshadowed by other cultures, specifically with regards to the United States who have a big influence on our cultural industries. Pierre Trudeau expressed the feeling Canadians have with this co-existence, "Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly or temperate the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." Some may argue that Canada should not continue to develop regulations to protect its cultural industries. However, I will argue that Canada should continue to develop some regulations to protect its cultural industries. It is extremely important for a nation to promote and preserve its own culture because if we don’t preserve our culture now the people of Canada wont have a sense of nationalism or wont feel like they belong to something. Cultures important in a country because it helps to bring a nation together because it gives something to people in a country to relate to. We need it especially in Canada because of Canada’s relative population to the rest of the world we are an easy target for cultural penetration from foreign countries. There have been countless rules and regulations imposed on everything, from issues such as foreign takeovers of Canadian publishers to minimum standard of Canadian content on the radio. Therefore, despite the protections, we need to further foster and protect at least some semblance of the original identity. The concept of continentalism, which is the sharing of a continent between more then one nation, may be very detrimental to our ongoing struggle to broadcasting our culture but we need to take a stand. (Hiller 237). The biggest factor in continuing to develop regulations to protect Canada’s cultural industries is globalization (Pg.289) and the cultural nationalism in Canada that wants protection for Canadian content (Hiller 305).
Continentalism is a major contributing factor because it can be very threatening for the less powerful country. Continentalism refers to “the presence of a global power (e.g., United States) at one’s border must be considered a fact of special importance” (Hiller 61). This is to say that the more powerful country has influence over the less powerful country. This concept is relevant to my argument about protecting Canada’s cultural industries because there has been an increasing level in American and foreign cultural penetration in Canada. Sharing a large border and more importantly a common language with the United States means Canada is in a very difficult position in regard to American culture, with direct attempts at the Canadian market or the general diffusion of American culture in the globalized media arena. Thus the people of Canada are influenced heavily by American culture and are surrounded more by their culture. The Canadian government should...

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