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Canadian Identity Essay

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Socials 10 - Final Project

Socials 10 - Final Project

Brendan Aikman

Block 1


"What is Canadian Identity?" is a question that has been asked many times throughout the course of Social Studies 10. If you look at this question, there are many different answers depending on the person. Some may say it's the technology and transportation that makes us Canadians who we are today. Others might argue that the gold rush formed us into a unique and diverse culture. Whatever your answer is, we can agree that we are all proud to be Canadian. Could that be the answer?

Canada has changed a lot since the 1800's. Throughout the content ...view middle of the document...

For example, forestry is a main industry in the Cordillera region. Speaking of the Cordillera region, this essay will be talking about the six physical regions of Canada. These being the: Arctic Region, Cordillera Region, Interior Plains Region, Canadian Shield Region, St. Lawrence Lowlands Region, and the Appalachian region. For this section of the project, all I will be doing is talking about the possibilities of this region, and connecting it to Canadian identity later in the project. For now, let's get into the regions.

The first region is the Appalachian Region, which is located in the Maritime Provinces in Canada. The landscape is diverse with many mountains, small hills and valleys. These mountains bring many mineral deposits such as zinc, iron and lead. Because the Appalachian Region is by the water, the main industry is fishing. With lots of mining and fishing, this region brings many opportunities.

The Canadian Shield Region is second, and it is the biggest as well, covering all the way from Quebec to the end of Saskatchewan and north. It's called a shield because of the many huge rocks that cover this area. These rocks have formed from erosion and weathering. With this land being mostly rocks, it is a great region for mining. From gold to diamonds to platinum, the shield is a miner's heaven.

Next up is the Arctic Region, and its location is pretty self explanatory. This region is mostly flat with the odd mountain. The area is full of resources although not explored because of the extreme weather conditions. There is an abundance of minerals, as well as oil and natural gas. However, most of these resources are covered under all of the ice. The Arctic Region is easily the region with the least opportunities.

The Interior Plains are the fourth on the list, and this region is located in the Prairies, from Alberta to Manitoba. The Interior Plains are mainly flat land which is great for farming. Furthermore, because of the sedimentary rock pushing together remains of plants animals, there is a good source of fossil fuel.

In addition to these four, there is the St. Lawrence Lowland. This region is located near the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. The soil surrounding the lakes is very fertile and great for agriculture. Because the area is near the water, the river gives a great use for transportation for industries.

The final region is the Cordillera, which is located in British Columbia and the Yukon. This area is full of mountain ranges, including the Rocky Mountains. These mountains are full of geological opportunity with minerals like gold and copper. In addition, the area is full of thick and dense forest. These forests bring a huge forestry industry. This area is also full of money making opportunities.

If you look back at all of these regions, there is not one without a huge resource or opportunity. Every section has its own unique feature that differentiates it from one another....

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