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Canadian Immigration History Essay

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There are millions of immigrants across Canada, living together as friends and neighbors, but at the same time practicing their own traditions and keeping their own cultural identity alive. Canada has developed as one of the most multicultural countries in the world. The vast amount of diversity rushed up to the apex when millions of people from different cultures immigrated to Canada after the European settlements. In addition, with the attractions of economic and social growths Canada has been continuously appealing more immigrants to settle in the country. Today, almost one in six Canadians were born outside of Canada. Without a doubt, Canada has developed as a nation of immigrants through centuries of maturity.Even though Canada has developed as a nation of immigrants, the very first native people dates back approximately 12 000 years ago. Despite the fact that the natives were the first settlers of Canada, their origins were actually connected to Asia by which they traveled to North America on land as hunters and gatherers such as the Indians and Inuit.As mentioned earlier, the native people had lived in Canada for more than 12 000 years, but it was also when the first Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of new land. Consequently, the first Europeans to reach Canada were the Vikings who landed on the coast of Newfoundland around 1, 000 years ago. The Vikings established at least one settlement at Newfoundland, which did not last. As a result, the Europeans did not come back for another 500 years. Soon after that, sailors and fishermen from many different countries who ventured into Canada all claim it as part of their empire. Thus, it was then that the first settlers arrived to disembark upon the land.Many of the early newcomers to Canada were adventurers who came to look for resources and land while others hoped to find a route to Asia. Priest also came to teach the natives about Christianity and induce them upon their knowledge. Most of these groups never had any real intentions of settling down in Canada. But the Europeans needed settlements to defend their claims for the land.The French early trial attempts for long-term settlements were unsuccessful. A trading post was established in 1598 along the coast of Acadia, but failed. In 1600, another trading post was established at Tadoussac but only to be abandoned as five settlers survived the harsh winter. Later on, many of the French settlers relocated their homes to nearby areas.Despite many unsuccessful attempts of establishing settlements by France, Quebec was the first successful settlement in Canada. Quebec was sponsored by Henry IV of France with a total of six families. By 1630 there were 100 people living in Quebec and by 1640 there were 359 people. Due to the successful prosperity in Quebec it had finally established its fundamental needs to hold its foot on the land and claim it as a part of New France.However, the prosperity in Quebec did not last long in the next 150...

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