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Canadian Newspaper Articles 1900

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Niagara Hydro Approved.A team headed by the founder of the London health association, failed conservative party provincial legislator, horse breeder and prominent civic leader, Adam Beck proposed plans for a hydroelectric generating station on January the 26th of this past year. The Niagara Parks commission had been looking over plan to decide whether to approve or reject the proposal of building a massive hydroelectric generating station on our side of Niagara Falls. Finally, five days ago the commission came to the decision to approve the project plans. The generating Station is expected to open sometime in 1908.Victoria crosses at Leliefontein.The Victoria Cross the highest ranked the award in the whole of the commonwealth lands has been awarded to an unusually large amount soldiers in South Africa while fighting against the Boers at Leliefontein. Of the four winners of the ...view middle of the document...

Incorporation of the Art Museum of Toronto.On sixth of July of this past year, the Art Museum of Toronto was incorporated under the Benevolent and Provident Societies Act. The Benevolent and Provident Societies Act, establishes services and societies for the public interest and to the citizens of Ontario. A meeting to discuss the founding of the museum took place on the fifteenth of March earlier this year. The application for incorporation was made on the third of July and was then certified by an undisclosed county court judge on the fourth of July. Finally, two days later on the sixth of July the papers were filed with a judicial clerk. So far $40000 and a 6 acre plot in the centre of downtown Toronto has been guaranteed to be provided to this new museum. Future exhibits will be the 22nd annual RCA exhibition and 29th annual OSA exhibition. They will be presented next year.Editorial1900 Olympics a record for CanadaSince the inception of the Olympic Games in 1896, Canada has been absent from the events, but until this year in the second Olympiad since the times of ancient Greece we have not won a gold medal at the games. Unfortunately, the only Canadian that actually won a medal was competing for the United States of America, because we did not send an official seen in the Olympics. George Orton, the Canadian gold medalist in the 3000m steeplechase and the bronze medalist in the 400m hurdles was studying in the United States at the time and traveled in Paris with the American team. I believe there was a slight improvement for Canada this year, because we have achieved the highest recognition for the dominance of certain sports in the world but not for Canada. I greatly criticize all athletic and sporting associations for not organizing teams to go participate in games that would have represented Canada as a strong country for taking the initiative of sending highly skilled athletes overseas to prove themselves.

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