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Canadian Recognition Essay

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History Research Essay: Canadian Veteran RecognitionCHC 1D0-CApril 18, 2014The acts of recognition fill many aspects of the lives of Canadian war veterans. Recognition infuses the lives of Canadian veterans because it demonstrates to them our feelings and understanding of their sacrifices for us all. This recognition provides hope for them and their families because of our willingness to either financially support them, or to support them with disability health care services. Since 1663, the Veterans Affairs Canada, also known as VAC has been developed to support Canadian veterans. The VAC department is responsible to provide pensions and other benefit services to Canadian war veterans, retired members of the Canadian Forces, and still-serving members of the Canadian Forces. After the World Wars, Canadian veterans were given several additions to their current rights, and benefits. These additions and benefits provided by VAC, funded by us are a great form of recognition for the Canadian veterans.Canada expends nearly $1.5 billion a year to pay war pensions. The taxes we pay to the government contribute to the war pensions given to the veterans. The Veterans Affairs Canada, from 1663 states that these disability war pensions are beneficial for the surviving war veterans. First of all, these war pensions recognize the Canadian veterans because we Canadian residents are paying the veterans for their clothing and other allowances, for them to live a comfortable life. Our tax payments are financially supporting them and their families. As a matter of fact, we pay for their clothing allowances, death benefits, disability award, disability pension, exceptional incapacity allowance, and permanent impairment allowance. This contribution of large amounts of money to the veterans presents that we recognize them because of our willingness to financially support the war veterans, since they had sacrificed their lives for us. Due to their sacrifices, military veterans receive sufficient amounts of pensions to show the importance of their sacrifices. Furthermore, a surviving spouse of a Canadian veteran receives several benefits. Surviving spouses are eligible for benefits just like other Canadian citizens receive. Surviving spouses of war veterans are provided with benefits, which include the Death Benefit, the result of the death of a Canadian Forces (CF) member or veteran, and other taxable benefits. The Death Benefit granted to surviving spouses is a non-taxable benefit. These war pensions support the veteran's families. Also, war pension support gives good recognition of the veterans considering it shows that Canadians care about them and their families. I do believe that the pensions and other benefits are sufficient for a good life. In effect, war pensions pay for a lot of your normal basic needs. War pensions show the gratitude of the nation for an individual's willingness to risk their lives for us all. Canadians, who are paying these pensions, show...

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