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A 40-year-old serial rapist, a 12 year old young boy having consensual sex with his girlfriend. What do both of these individuals have in common? They can both be subjected under the Canadian sex offenders registry. However, when a rapist suddenly slides off the map and commits more crimes under the radar, one begins to question the effectiveness of the registry, and what can be done to develop it’s quality and accuracy. Another question which seems to badger Canadian society today is that relating to whether a minor should be a registrant at all, no matter what their crime, Canada has a strong belief in rehabilitation. Rehabilitate, and develop, both of the utmost substance when observing the ways in which a sex offender registry are and can be beneficial to society, whilst respecting the criminal code.

Ever since the bill for having a Canadian Sex Offender Registry was passed, in December of 2004, it has been a heated debate in many boardrooms across the country. On the one hand, there are the defence attorneys deeming it slightly mentally damaging and unnecessary for their client(s). On the other side of the coin, there are the individuals claiming it to be a great idea if used in the correct manner. A sex offender registry is only useful when used correctly, with updated and accurate profiles, while remaining conscious of charter rights.
One example of how the registry has sparked some serious debate amongst concerned citizens with regards to various incidents occurring in British Columbia. In the case of Steven James Petiquan, as reported by It was found that Petiquan, a registered sex offender from Abbotsford, B.C decided to take a trip to Calgary. He did not report the incident to police, nor did he have to. For trips spanning less than two weeks in length, Petiquan did not have to touch base with police at all. While he was in Calgary, he entered a massage parlour in Chinatown and sexually harassed an employee, after threatening her life. The victim also noted that he smelled very strongly of alcohol. After this incident occurred, it seemed that police could not obtain Petiquan. Upon closer inspection, it was noted that his Abbotsford home address was false, another point which discredits the police force involved even further. Petiquan was found six months after the original search had begun in Winnipeg. It’s no surprise that the citizens of Canada were appalled and discomforted at the thought that a convicted sexual predator was travelling all over Canada, and the police had no idea where to find him. This is just one example of many, that exhibit the frustration induced by the current Canadian Sex Offender Registry.

Firstly, the angle of the offender’s point of view must be taken into account. There are many different types of offenders in today’s Canada. For one, there is the various charter rights that an offender may feel the police are infringing upon by putting them on the registry. One of these...

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