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Canadian Teenagers Essay

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today's society Canadian teenagers are exposed to different pathway involving drugs. The most common drug used among Canadian teenagers is alcohol followed by cannabis.(Leslie, Karen 2008) Canadian teenagers are influenced by drugs and alcohol on a daily based at school and through the media.
In Canada the legal drinking age is nineteen in most provinces with the exception of Quebec where it is eighteen years old. Teenagers who have family members with drug and alcohol problem or if they suffer from depression, anxiety or other various forms of mental health disorders are at a higher risk of developing and addiction or experimenting with drugs and alcohol.( Leslie, Karen 2008) . According to Leslie and Karen one in every five students will develop an alcohol dependency; it has an affect on their health, school and other problems. Students in the seventh and ninth grade indicated the average age for their first experience with alcohol is eleven years old (Leslie, Karen 2008).
Alcohol intoxication comes along with great responsibilities. Adolescence are not mature enough to handle consequences and do not know the responsibilities thoroughly until they have experienced it. Alcohol plays a huge role in suicide and self-harm particularly among adolescence and young adults (Leslie, Karen 2008). The highest rate for adolescent patients is between the ages fifteen to nineteen years old who sustained unintentional injuries due to the presence of alcohol, which can also lead to violence among themselves (Leslie, Karen 2008). In Leslie and Karen research out of four hundred eight injuries involving violence 22.7 percent were involved in alcohol. Underage drinking can lead to unintentional fatal and non fatal injuries. The most common fatal injuries which result which are fatal are car accidents and drowning, which range between 27-47% (Karen, Leslie 2008). Non-fatal injuries are not as harmful and ranges between 13-37% (Leslie, Karen 2008).
Following alcohol the second most used drug among Canadian teenagers are cannabis. In grades seven to nine the average age reported they have experimented with cannabis is thirteen years and one out of three claimed they did not experiment with any type of drug including alcohol and tobacco (Leslie, Karen 2008).
There are different signs relieving when a student is involved with drugs and can be very obviously if you know what to look for. Physical signs would be losing or gaining weight, changes in their appetite, and emotional signs such as being depression or being happy all the time, tiredness, mood swings and memory lost. (Leslie, Karen 2008)Other signs that can be more discreet from the family would be skipping in class or sleeping in class, grades decreasing, getting involved in crime such as stealing or selling value items and receiving money for more drugs (Leslie, Karen 2008). Schools attempt to keep the school property a smoke free zone, authorizing students to be at least two blocks away from school...

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