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Canavan Disease Essay

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Canavan disease is a rare neurological autosomal recessive disorder that can only be inherited if both of the parents of the offspring have a certain mutated gene. This mutation makes it so that the enzyme called aspartoacylase, or ASPA for short, is absent in the brain. Aspartoacylase breaks down the compound called N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid (NAA) into materials to make myelin, or white matter. The chances of having a child with Canavan disease would be one out of four, or 25 percent. However, there is a fifty percent chance that an offspring will be a carrier for the disease. It also occurs in many families with no history for Canavan disease before.

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To simply state what happens to the brain, it would be as follows: spongy degeneration of the brain and nervous system. What that means is that the white matter, the part of the brain houses the nerve fibers covered in myelin, of the brain that is reduced to sponge. Essentially what this causes is a loss of sensory, motor, and intellectual functions in the affected individual. The eyes are also an affected body part, as they go blind. However, the child can still hear their parent perfectly, but deafness can also occur. Muscles get affected too, making them very weak and having poor tone, which is known as hypotonia. This weak muscle makes it so that the child cannot sit upright on its own without being supported. They also cannot crawl because of this poor muscle, keeping the poor children in a wheelchair.

Canavan disease gives a very short span of life for those who have and are affected by it. Most people who have the disease live to about ten years old or younger. However, some individuals can live into their teens and twenties, but usually not more than that. Also, there is currently no treatment or cure (yet) for Canavan disease. Being supportive of research foundations and the affected individual can make people feel a lot better about a cure or treatment. Research is getting close to finding a treatment though. Scientists have already found the gene that causes Canavan disease, which is located on chromosome number seventeen. They are also currently researching treatments. Right now, there are three treatments being researched : gene transfer to the brain, metabolic therapy, and enzyme therapy. Drugs, like lithium citrate, are also being researched and investigated to see if they would help treat or even cure Canavan disease. If one of these proposed treatments actually work, it would be a major breakthrough and...

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