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Why can people not get the care they need when faced with diseases such as cancer? Budget cuts, health care reform and insurance companies are making it difficult for many Americans to receive proper care. There is evidence that people with cancer are not getting the right treatment due to budget cuts. Many people are unable to afford some of the things the new law is putting in effect for people with cancer. Will this problem continue to cause a downfall in health care? Will Americans who have cancer or other serious illness be subject to high premiums or to no care at all?.

Many Americans best cancer centers hospitals are off limits under the Affordable Care Act. Now that this new law ...view middle of the document...

Two centers had special circumstances. The best known is St Judes Children Research Hospital in Memphis. In Buffalo, N.Y, Roswell Park Cancer Institute is included by five of seven insurers in its region. But Roswell is not included by 11 of 16 insurers. Many people know that comprehensive cancer hospitals have higher survival rates. But many cancer patients insured under Obama care will not be able receive their advanced, life saving treatments, like clinical trails of new medications.

Even though all of the things are happening with these hospitals and these cancer centers being off limits I believe that the cancer patients should be treated with the most respect because this is a life and death situation. So many people are dying and the rate is getting higher and higher each and every year. This its not easy for consumers to tell if top level institutions companies in their states exchanges. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield officials said Its network was based on research involving thousands of consumers and business. What they learned was that people are willing to make trade-offs in order to have access to affordable health care.

The Obama administration says it has notified insurers that their networks will get closer scrutiny for the next 36 states served by the federal exchange. Cancer care will be a priority it says.”The challenges of this are going to become cancer cases start to arrive,” said Norman Hubbard,...

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