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Question: A patient with terminal lung cancer tells you, "I want to stop the chemo; my life is good and I want to enjoy what time I have left." How might each of the human dimensions influence this decision? What other factors can influence health decisions?

Physical, emotional, environmental, intellectual, sociocultural and spiritual factors strongly influences the patient’s health –illness statues, health belief and heath practices.” (Taylor, 45). I believe that patients face difficult decisions with chemo because of its complications of side effect. These factors can be positive or negative factors that help the patient change their mind.
In the physical dimension, the patient might decides to stop chemo based on his/her family genetic inherited. If they had a family member who passed away from lung cancer, they will use that to decide to continue with chemo or not. I believe experiences really impact their decisions. Age is other significant factor; if they are middle-age adults or elderly, they might want to enjoy the time with their love ones instead of being depressed about the cancer.
In the emotional dimension, patients diagnose with lung cancer can feel varies of emotions- such as fear, depression, anger, guilt and confusion. I believe stress affects the body in a negative way and being clam affects the body in a positive way. For example as the textbook states, “Long time stress affects the body system, and anxiety affects the health habits; conversely clam acceptance and relaxation can actually change body response to illness”(Taylor, 45). I agree with this concept, people who tend to accept and focus on positive things; the body reacts to their emotions in a positive way. If it is a negative emotion, the body reacts to it in a negative way.
I also believe that self-concept plays a huge role when someone is diagnose with cancer. How a patient views and handles their conditions determines their level of self-concept. “ Self –concept has both physical and emotional aspects and is an important factor in the way the individual reacts to stress and illness, follows self-care health practices, and relates to others.” (Taylor, 46)
In this case, the patient said, “ I accepted my fate”. I believe this patient decided to stop chemo after accepting their health statues. This kind of attitude from the patients can help relaxes his/her mind and soul. It can make them decide many things that have to do with their health; for example, enjoying things they love with their love ones. Its also an example of how the spiritual...

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