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Analysis Of Cancer Treatments

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Everyday doctors all around the world are using their skill of reading cells through microscopes to figure out a way to treat and cure cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation seem like the main source of treatment but some people choose to take a more natural route that is not so hard on their body. But which one is best? It is said that most people decide on chemotherapy or radiation to help shrink their cancer because these two options can eliminate cancer.
Radiation starts out by the cancer patient receiving an x-ray of the area of the body where the cancer is located for they can verify the area that the radiation needs to be admitted to. The radiation therapist could also use a tomography scan. The tomography scan figures out where the radiation needs to be admitted in the body as well. One thing radiation therapists stress is to not damage healthy tissue that does not have cancer in it. Once the area is located through the x-ray or tomography scan, radiation can begin. The radiation therapist gets their linear accelerator ready and has the cancer patient lay down in the position where the radiation will be able to hit the tissue best. Once the radiation hits the body, it shoots out high energized ions that cause the cancer to shrink gradually until it is all gone (“Benjamin Wright”).
The radiation therapist and the radiation oncologist will come together with the patient and come up with a schedule on when their patient should receive radiation. Radiation is normally given once a day, five days a week, for two to nine weeks. Radiation treatment normally takes about ten to thirty minutes to be administered to the patient and it also does not cause them any discomfort or pain (“Benjamin Wright”).
The second type of cancer treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be administered in six different ways. The first way is through a shot or injection that can be administered in the persons arm, thigh, or hip. It also can be administered in the persons arm, leg, or belly. The oncologist tries to administer the shot in the fattest part of the patients’ body for it does not cause them as much pain. The second way is through an intravenous line that is placed in the vein that leads to the artery where the cancer is located. Then the oncologist will send the chemotherapy right to the artery (“Chemotherapy”). The third way is through intraperitoneal chemotherapy and this chemotherapy is administered through a catheter that leads right to the abdominal area (“Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy”). The fourth way is through intravenous chemotherapy and that is when chemotherapy is administered right into the patients’ bloodstream. The fifth way is through a topical ointment and that comes in a cream that you can rub onto your skin and gradually the cream settles into the patients’ body. The sixth way is through oral drugs and these are pills, capsules, or liquids that contain the patients’ chemotherapy drug inside of them (“Chemotherapy”).

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