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WESONGA JUSTUS NYONGESAP.O BOX 534 CELL PHONE 0710755533KISII, KENYA E-MAIL jwesonga11@yahoo.comPERSONAL PROFILEDate of Birth : 8th April 1972Nationality : KenyanSex : MaleMarital Status : MarriedCAREER OBJECTIVETo obtain a position in an Institution which has high standards and solid values where I can utilize and further develop my extensive skill base in Human ResourceManagement and expand my scope through Educational Research, Field Experience, Consultancy and further Training.SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES1. Able to work with minimal supervision and capable of meeting deadlines2. Good communication and interpersonal skills3. Self-motivated and capable team player.4. Presentation and training skills5. Consultancy skillsACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONDoctor of Commerce in Business Management specializing in Human ResourceManagement at the University of South Africa (2010- date). The Supervisor has myWrite up on 'The Models for Service Delivery in Public Service in Kenya"2. Masters of Business Administration with specialty in Human ResourceManagement at Kenyatta University (2005-2009)3. International Diploma in Human Resource and Personnel Management fromCambridge International College in Britain (2001-2002)4. Bachelor of Education (Arts) Degree Moi University (1992-1996)5. Certificate in Computer Operations at Joyeca Megatrends [2002]6. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education at Kokuro secondary school (1987-1990)7. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at Mukuyu Primary (1979-1986)COMPUTER PROFICIENCYJan to April 2002: Introduction to Computers, Windows 95/98, Microsoft, Excel,Microsoft Access and Power Point. At Joyage Megatrends.EMPLOYMENT HISTORY AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAS A LECTURERFulltime Lecturer-Maasai Mara University (August 2012 to date)I'm involved in teaching of HUMAN resource Management unitsFull Time Lecturer- Mount Kenya University Main Campus Thika (May2010 to July 2012)Before becoming a Full Time Lecturer, I had taught with the same University for Three yearsDuties Lecturing in the Department commerce and Business Management the followingUnits:i. Strategic Managementii. Organisational Behaviouriii. Human Resource ManagementPart Time Lecturer-Kisii University College (August 2010 to 2011)Duties Teaching-Management of Organisational Change-Industrial and Labour RelationsPart Time Lecturer- Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyKisii Campus (May 2010 to Date)Duties Teachingi.ii.iii.Manpower PlanningSociology of work and EmploymentPrinciples of Management and Human Resource ManagementPart Time Lecturer-Bondo University College Kisii Learning Centre (December 2011 todate)Duties Teaching-Organisational Behaviour-Human Resource Management-Organisational TheoryNOTE: Cumulatively I have Four Years of University Teaching ExperiencePart Time Lecturer- Kenya Institute of Management (Jan 2006 to Date)Duties Teaching Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Consultancy and supervising...

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1107 words - 4 pages officially announced that she would run her presidential campaign. ("Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton") Hillary Clinton became a presidential candidate with two simple words: "I'm in". On January 21, 2007, the New York senator announced her decision to run for the presidency and the formation of an exploratory committee on her campaign Web site. As a woman with such an extensive political background, or simply as a woman at all for that matter, this

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1156 words - 5 pages Top Reasons to Vote for NaderThese days with the election coming up so soon we are all hearing and seeing plenty of political advertisements for the upcoming presidential elections, trying to persuade us that they will be the best president... How do you really know, which president will be best for your needs? Although Kerry and Bush have a combined 98 percent of the votes, and most of the media, attention, where does Ralph Nader factor in


1559 words - 6 pages Level 3 Extended Project (9990)Candidate record form, production log and assessment record Centre number Centre name             Candidate's full name Candidate number            To be completed by the candidate Have you received any help or information from anyone other than your teacher(s) in the production of this work

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1019 words - 4 pages . This candidate believes that the behavioral approach and the psychoanalytic approaches have a few similarities and differences, when it comes to behavior management. “Why do people behave the way they do” is a statement that this candidate has pondered upon, prior to this class. (Zirpoli,2008). The behavioral approach discusses how certain behaviors are explained through observations. The causes of these behaviors primarily is conditioned or

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681 words - 3 pages contributions. People can only give so much money to a candidate themselves, so they instead give money to the political party of the candidate. This money cannot go to the candidate, so the political party uses this money to pay for ads, telephone calls and other tedious items that they can pay for the supports their candidate. This type of campaign contribution is called "soft money" and there is legislation under way to prevent candidates from

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689 words - 3 pages When starting to teach this unit the teacher candidate was felling really confident that the students were learning the material or the content, and the language. So the teacher candidate was presenting the information in a program called Edusmart in English but translating every single word to Spanish. The unit was about the physical and the chemical change in the digestive system. The students were very attentive paying attention to the class

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1669 words - 7 pages must have something to hide. Even though negative things said about those candidates are not true, I believe that negative political advertisement should be allowed because negative advertisement makes people want to look more into that specific candidate and we are emotionally attached to negativity. “Negative ads have the potential to spread not only harmful, but false information as well, leaving the viewer misinformed and voting for the wrong

Negative Political Advertisement

1717 words - 7 pages want to be expose themselves to media bullies” (Admin 2). I believe that if people are scared to expose themselves then they must have something to hide. Even though negative things said about those candidates are not true, I believe that negative political advertisement should be allowed because negative advertisement makes people want to look more into that specific candidate and we are emotionally attached to negativity. “Negative ads have the

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1108 words - 4 pages Median Voter Theorem On the spectrum of politics (or any other ideologically-based matter), personal opinions will inevitably vary from one extreme on the left to the opposite on the right. In a governing system such as that of the United States, where the population directly elects representatives to govern, the position a candidate holds on the spectrum pertaining to certain issues in relation to other candidates becomes increasingly

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