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Candide is a story written by the famous author, Voltaire. This story is basically about the journey of lost love. The two main characters in the story are Candide and his lost love Cunegonde. When Candide is thrown out of the home of Cunegonde, Candide is shattered and heartbroken. The story continues with his wondering due to the heartbreak. Along the way he meets up with his old friend and childhood mentor (tutor) Dr. Pangloss. Candide was a pupil of the doctor when he taught in the Baron’s home and learned such subjects as philosophical optimism. As Candide wonders, he experiences the ravages of war and poverty, but also the spitefulness of people and the shallowness of the church. Through this enlightenment, Candide truly begins to have doubts of his friend’s (Dr. Pangloss) theories. Through these travels, Candide also encounters a philosopher named Martin and they become friends and like Pangloss, becomes very dear to Candide. These two men in Candide’s world are like night and day in their views of the world and philosophy. The two terms I would use to describe these two fellows are optimistic and pessimistic, respectively. An “Optimistic” person considers a glass as half-full rather than half-empty. (Psychology Today) On the other hand, a “pessimistic” person would ask if the glass was really half full or really half empty. (Wikipedia)
When it comes to these two characters, Voltaire does an excellent job on their description and attitude toward each character’s belief. Pangloss’s thoughts, for example, were more philosophical and positive, regardless of a situation or outcome. Pangloss firmly believed and taught that everything in the world was necessarily for the best end. Pangloss goes through a series of life altering advents in his life such as a nice job I a nice household, imprisonment, an earthquake, syphilis, and eventually homelessness. Throughout these events, he still maintains the theory of …for the best. For instance, his reason for the ailment of syphilis could be summed up in the following quote from Candide. “…this sickness which attacks the source of generation and sometimes prevents generations entirely--which attacks thus strikes at and defeats the greatest end of Nature herself…” (Voltaire) Despite the character Pangloss’s situations in life, he never leaves his chosen path. He still believes in his positive outlook. On the other hand, the other character, Martin, is pessimistic in his views. Like Pangloss, the character Martin had his one woes if life. Martin experienced having his wife rob him and beat his son. Also the church did their own damage to him…they persecuted him. These events pushed him to have a pessimistic attitude (philosophical) toward life. Martin is more realistic in his attitude. He trusts no one and...

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