Candy Or Carrot Sticks For Children?

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Parents introduce unhealthy diets to their children for numerous reasons. Since most parents live eventful lifestyles and work strict schedules, they often choose to feed their children quick meals such as microwavable meals and fast food restaurants. Parents also feed their children unhealthy foods because the parents have been uneducated about what types of foods should be included in daily, healthy diets. When children irritate their parents by pleading for candy and junk food, parents often surrender to their children’s pleas so the children discontinue begging. Many parents fail to monitor what their children consume because these parents believe nutritious diets are not important; ...view middle of the document...

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Not only does healthy eating benefit children by helping them learn better in school, healthy eating also benefits children by preventing obesity. Although over half of the human’s brain is composed of mostly fat, parents fail to feed their children the correct amounts of fat required. While The Truth About Healthy Eating explains that eating the suggested amount of fats helps children to develop healthy brains, eating too many fats causes children to gain excessive weight, which eventually makes them obese. Obesity continues to be a huge problem because children often get bullied for being overweight, and obesity also increases the risks of health problems later in the children’s lives such as diabetes and heart disease. The author of EDITORIAL: Children, Adults can Benefit from Changes in Eating and Activity clarifies that according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “In the combined years of 2003-2006, 16.3 percent of children and adolescents aged 2-19 were obese” (EDITORIAL 1). The same article also comments that weight fails to be the main factor of obesity. Instead, health and the amount of physical activity children receive determine if children are truly considered obese (EDITORIAL 1).
In addition to healthy diets benefitting children by preventing obesity and helping children learn in school, healthy eating also ensures that children’s bodies continue to develop successfully. Certain types of fats such as Omega-3 fats lengthen children’s attention spans and improve children’s eyesight (Sears 1). Eat Well, Learn Well lists examples of certain types of healthy foods that help children grow successfully. For instance, the article states “Fruits are great sources of Vitamin A, which helps maintain good eyesight, and Vitamin C, which keeps up the body’s immune system and absorbs calcium for healthy bones and teeth” (Eat Well . . .). The source continues to explain, “Milk, yogurt, and cheese are also important sources of Vitamin A, as well as calcium and protein, which keep children’s bones and...

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