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Close your eyes and I will take you away to dream land. A land that little kids visit in their sleep. A place that knows no hate, just joy. Well, that was until a certain lonely child vowed to change that.
The place I'm talking about goes by the name of Candyland, a simple name for a land made of candy. They were not very creative.
There were gingerbread plum trees that sprouted the juiciest of gingerbread plums. The Plumpa Trolls flourished about them. The ran about and played games around them, but that was not all. They also worked inside. They tended to the trees and picked the ripest plums that fell from the tree’s branches. They also sometimes feasted on the wonderful fruit, it was only fair. They were the caretakers after all! Among the Plumpa trolls was the smallest and newest troll, Plumpy. He was new at the job, and frankly, he was scared. What if he messed up and the other trolls jeered at him? What if he picked the wrong plums? His family told him there was nothing to worry about, but he still got nervous.
Next to the Gingerbread Plum trees, was the Royal peppermint forest. A small boy walked about the trees, singing and playing his piccolo. His whole family were lumberjacks, and everyday when they got home from work, the little boy was told that he would be the best lumberjack out of all of them, but he couldn't help it. He didn't want to cut down trees for a living, he has a passion for music! Sure, the steady chopping does make a marvellous beat, but it is not where his heart is. His piccolo makes a sour noise and he looks at it for a minute. His old piccolo broke so he tried to make a new one. Turns out, butterscotch isn't really a great replacement. Suddenly, he hears a beautiful whistle and looks behind him. The magnificent sound is coming from the wind whipping through the trees. At that very moment, a marvellous idea popped into his head!
There is also the Gumdrop mountains. Inside them are mines of the gooiest, sweetest,
most glistening gumdrops you have ever seen! It has recently opened for tourists. In walks a young boy, nicknamed Jolly, to reflect his attitude. He notices that the greeters do not seem very enthusiastic. Actually, they act as if this is the blandest place that could ever exist. There and then, he promises to make this place happier.
A little way away is a house made entirely from peanut brittle....

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