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Canine Diabetes Essay

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Canine Diabetes: Biting the Disease
The silent killer, otherwise known as diabetes kills thousands around the world daily; mostly strangers or a person one has never met and sometimes even one’s family members. But what if it was someone’s best friend? A best friend that is so close to one that the bond shared is indescribable, such as a dog. Many people find the bond shared within the friendship with a dog unlike any relationship with a human. Dog owners treat their dogs as well as possible and to the best of one’s abilities, but most of the time the dog may be treated too well. Spoiling one’s dog can lead the dog to severe health problems, such as diabetes. Diabetes silently kills man’s ...view middle of the document...

The Veterinarian will also look for a sweet odor in the dog’s breath, do some blood work and perform a urinalysis. By doing a urinalysis, the veterinarian can tell if the urine has an abnormal amount of sugar in it, because in diabetes the unabsorbed sugar would eventually get absorbed by the kidney and placed in the urine. All newly diagnosed diabetic dogs a complete blood cell count is recommended, along with a chemistry panel, and urine culture. In cases where the diabetic dog has an abnormal appetite, thoracic radiographs and abdominal ultrasound are advised (Merrill 38). About one in very two-hundred dogs are affected with diabetes, ones that are more commonly affected are seven to nine years old, especially unspayed female dogs (Shaw 46). Certain breeds have a genetic predisposition to diabetes and are more prone to the disease such as Keeshonds, Pulis, Pinshcers, and Cairn Terriers. While Poodles, Dachshunds, Minature Schnauzers and Beagles are just at a high risk in general for the disease (Dick). However there are ways to prevent the disease from factoring into the owner and pet’s life. By looking for specific symptoms and taking control when seeing those symptoms the disease has a greater chance of being avoided.
If a dog’s health is being questioned, especially in the case of diabetes, then looking for the obvious symptoms is highly encouraged. Most symptoms do not need a second opinion such as, dehydration, vomiting, weakness and poor body conditions and cataracts (“AAHA Diabetes Management” 216). If a dog that once was hyper, drinking plenty of water and being playful a lot is now lazy, barley moves, and barley drinks water then that should be a warning sign that something is not right and the dog should be checked by Veterinarian immediately. Other signs that one can look for are bladder infections, sweet smelling breath and/or urine, rapid weight loss or gain, and frequent urination. As well as a lack of thirst or appetite, an increase in thirst and appetite could also mean a dog is diabetic as well as a dry coat or skin. Some diseases can also be associated with diabetes such as pancreatitis, hypoglycemia, cataracts, fatty liver disease, or Cushing’s disease (Shaw 48). Therefore, if a dog is affected by any of these other disease, diabetes could factor into the dog’s life later on. One extremely obvious symptom is obesity, which could also be a cause of the disease. Excessive weight increases the risk of additional health problems and shortens the life expectancy of pets (Newswire). Just like in humans, the exact cause of canine diabetes is unknown, but there are certain aspects that are directly linked to diabetes.
Although there is no cure for diabetes, there are ways to control and stabilize the disease from worsening. Exercise and dieting are the main keys to keeping the disease stabilized. Surrounding the dog with a healthy lifestyle with exercise and the right kind of meals will make the inside of the dog healthy and...

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