Canine Human Relations Essay

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Are dog’s worth to humans as simple as man’s best friend? Throughout history, dogs have been protectors, companions, and pets. However, science is saying that there is much more to these creatures. “Dogs Read Human Expressions”, by The Huff Post, and “The Doctor’s Dog Will See You Now”, by Melinda Beck explain the scientific connection between dogs and humans. Science shows that dog’s interaction with humans makes them more than just pets because dogs interact like human children and canines assist in various forms of human therapy.
Dogs communicate with humans through facial expressions like human children. A study published in the journal current biology showed, dogs have the same communicated ability of a 6 month to 2-year-old child when using interaction with our vocal communications. Researcher Jozsef Topal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences tested the theory. The finding was like children when clearly demonstrating cues with vocals dogs can understand human intent, and communication.
When looking into the dog eyes it is no different from looking into a child eye when shouting out verbal prompts and acting out the task that need to be perform. In the article "Dogs Are Similar To Young Kids, Study Shows" by Medical News Today. ”Dogs are so well adapted to living with human beings that in many cases the owner replaces conspecifics and assumes the role of the dog's main social partner," according to the experts. Dogs and children seem to share what is known as the "secure base effect". This effect is seen in parent-child bonding as well as the bond between humans and dogs. Dogs have spent centuries around us to the point their taking on human characteristics.
Canine assistants are beneficial in therapist practices. A growing number of therapists in psychology, psychological medicine, and social work are using canine assistants in private practice to relax patients and to bring up patient spirits. Research shows a little time spent around the dogs decrease stress hormones, increases the nurturing and security hormone, and boosts moods. Interactions with the dogs have decreased anxiety in patients and made them more willing to show up for future treatments. The dog’s ability for sensing is twofold; dogs have been able to detect certain types of illness and were able to react towards the illness in a form that was comforting to the patient. Animal helped therapy is young. However, research is showing more interest by the therapy world due to the positive reaction, it is having on the patients.
Dog’s connection to humans cannot only make them feel better when their ill but it can also detect ailments. In the...

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