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Cannabinoids Essay

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This paper highlights the benefits and drawbacks of the legalization of cannabinoid, such as pain relief versus withdrawal symptoms caused by the usage. Also, possible solutions, or alternates, are reviewed.
Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, is used medicinally throughout the world today. The active chemicals in which cannabis produces are called cannabinoids; however, in cannabinoids, delta-9-THC is the active ingredient which creates a drug-like high. In medicine the use of cannabinoids should be allowed because it inhibits tumor growth and give pain relief to cancer patients. However, some believe that it causes lung and oral cancer, and that it has malicious withdrawal ...view middle of the document...

This may be an alternate in place of cannabinoids because you can take this without the adverse effects coming from THC.
Pain Relief
Pain relief is a crucial aspect of oncology today. Though cannabis is not legalized for cancer treatment, many physicians advocate its legalization because of the pain relieving techniques it has. The compound THC in cannabis gives the body a “high” feeling, which results in the loss of sense and cognitive impairment. The side effects of chemotherapy can be extremely agonizing, however, if a patient was administered cannabinoids, research shows that some of the effects will lessen in severity or disappear altogether. For example, one major side effect of chemotherapy is nausea. Patients, who took cannabis as opposed to dronabinol and nabilone, FDA approved drugs for nausea relief, were relieved of their nausea, and it worked much faster. The Ames Test is a method to measure the carcinogenic effects on cells, tissues, and miniscule organisms. THC failed the Ames Test, which meant that is had no carcinogenic effects as a purified compound. However, there is evidence which shows that directly smoking cannabis may cause lung and...

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