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Cannabis Control Policy Essay

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Elimination of the consumption of cannabis can be a dream that may not be realized by many countries even those that are advanced. This implies that in cases where it is a challenge to curb the situation, it is always advisable that the countries come up with a remedy of controlling the situation. The controls could be in terms of the amount of cannabis that is planted or imported into the country or legal sanctions (Jiggens 2005, p.49). To some extent this is referred to as recreational drugs that can be abolished by a country because its impact is adverse to human health and body in general. Countries have to come up with a clear distinction between the soft and hard drugs and those that have unacceptable risks ought to be abolished. Most of the activities that accompany the character of cannabis consumers are seen as being negative and most of them end up in prison for legal offences like rape, robbery among others. The supply of the drug itself is a crime if the supplier does not have the legal documents and this may result to a conflict of interest between the countries that are involved in the purchase and supply of the drug.
Initially, the licensed Dutch suppliers and coffee shops were under a rationale by the government in which they were to undertake business with adherence to the rules of the government. This indicates that in the case where an individual would like to consumer the hard or soft drugs, and then he has to obtain them from a specific dealer. The government in its effort to curb the over consumption of the drugs, went ahead to ensure the markets were split such that those that supplied the hard drugs were different from those with the soft drugs.

In Australia, cannabis is a drug that is widely used by most of the citizens there. This is not defined by age as it is evident in all age groups ranging from the young, youth and the old. However, with reference to the recent data, it is clear that consumption has increased among the youth and this is attributed to the fact that most of them are unemployed. The rise has made the Australian government become concerned as the result is an increase of deviant youths who are likely not to be a fruitful generation in future. Given the different states and territories in Australia, it is obvious that they all adopt different legal sanctions related to cannabis. Some of the territories find the supply and consumption of the drug as being illegal like Tasmania and Western Australia. Some only apply civil penalties and view it as a minor offence including South Australia and the northern territory (Jiggens 2007, p. 91).
Drug legislation is considered by many as a responsibility by the government and this explains why it is a challenge to curb the situation. Commonwealth legislation is also available for cannabis although most of them have been ignored. This is also explained by the fact that over the years, Australia has been a great signatory with countries that authorize...


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