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Cannabis: Legal Or Illegal? Essay

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Over the past couple of years there has been so much controversy in the United States about the legalization of Medical Cannabis. Many people oppose to the medication and many people or for legalizing this medication due to the fact that to many citizens this form of medication is better than prescription medications. The legalization of Cannabis has cured many people’s sickness’s or pains that occur in their everyday life and solved many of their problems brought from day to day. Legalizing cannabis is the best way to get rid of criminals on the street that are selling the Marijuana illegally, which will also decrease the amount of arrests on the streets due to trafficking Marijuana.
Medical Cannabis has been a very resourceful medication that relieves many pains and sickness that humans encounter in their everyday life that are not easily solved by prescribed medications. A sickness that can be lessened by Cannabis is Asthma. Cannabis can help open up the lungs of a victim and help them breathe in an Asthma attack. Studies show that the THC in the Cannabis acts as a temporary bronchodilator which usually lasts up to one to two hours which actually helps the respiratory system process your breathing a bit more. The New England Journal of Medicine, which was published in 1973, stated that the Marijuana smoking causes broncho-dilation, meaning the THC opens up the air passages and lessons constriction of your oxygen flow. Many people think that just because the Cannabis changes the action of a person it is a useless drug, when in all reality is better than the prescription medicines that they take when they feel pains or they have severe sicknesses. Now with every medicine there are it’s side effects. The main problem that has yet to be proven is if the lung is actually damaged by the smoke consumed while using the Cannabis. The toxins in the Cannabis smoke are similar to the ones in tobacco smoke but the cannabinoids in Cannabis smoke actually work in a matter that reverse the harmful effects of the smoke. So to say that the smoke can damage the lung is not yet proven but is not proved to not harm the lungs. All in all, the rates of the level of air flow increases with the use of Cannabis smoke with has gone up the a long-term study of twenty years which is a great solution for those who suffer from Asthma.
Cannabis is rarely acknowledged for the better uses in the society and the benefits of using the medication, instead Cannabis is viewed as a “gateway drug” which is a term that is used a lot towards those who do used Cannabis as a pain relief. Cannabis has many multiple uses rather just a “drug” used to get the “high” feeling. All though Cannabis is used for medical purposes, Cannabis does receive a bad reputation because of the over use by minors which use the Cannabis to seem “cool” or try to fit in, which is why many people are against the legalization of the Cannabis. Cannabis can possibly be the next big thing in the medication field...

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