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"Cannabis Speech" This Is A Speech Against The Legalisation Of Cannabis.

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Madame chairperson, members of the proposition and members of the house, I am here today to argue the case against the legalisation of cannabis.Everyday young people are admitted to psychiatric hospitals with psychotic and neurotic conditions caused from taking cannabis. The reason why the proposition said that cannabis had very few serious effects is because changes vary from person to person.What makes us unique?(Random peep, as a person what distinguishes you from everyone else, personality wise?)The way in which our brain is wired makes us the person that we are. The way that we make connections reflects our own particular experiences. Instead of making large holes in the brain, cannabis alters these connections. This is why the effects are so hard to monitor as we have all experienced life in different ways. Cannabis will change the way in which we see the world. This change leads many cannabis smokers to have a lack of motivation.Does anyone know what the safe does for cannabis is?The answer is nobody knows. The drug can accumulate in your body for days if not weeks. As you roll your next spliff you never know how much is already working inside you, because of this there is no safe dose.Here are some facts about cannabis,-3 or 4 spliffs are the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.-Cannabis kills off white blood cells causing impotence and premature senility.If cannabis was legalised the British health service would just collapse.When we talk about legalising cannabis, we are talking about legalising it for everyone. There is a world of difference between medicine prescribed in a hospital for pain relief and a healthy person needlessly endangering their brain and body.For cannabis to bring about such great pain relief we know that it must have huge effects on the central nervous system. There is no way that someone can say that the drug has no dangerous side effects.50% of young people attending psychiatric clinics have been regular or occasional users of cannabis. 10% of regular users at the age of 16 were recognised sufferers of psychosis within the next 10 years. It is know to permanently damage short-term memory. There are strong links between cannabis and schizophrenia, there I some thing in the cannabis which sets off one of the genes which triggers schizophrenia. It can also cause sever impairment of attention span;...

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