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Cannabis Use Essay

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Cannabis Use
While Cannabis use can be very effective in relieving pain and relaxing a person it has many negative effects. Marijuana use is a danger in the way it impairs the way your mind creates memories. When driving your judgment is altered and not many would appreciate if someone under the influence is on the road. Another way is the effects it has on a person’s lungs causing respiratory illnesses. Not only that, but Smoking marijuana is a factor to poor education outcomes from that smoker. Marijuana can be a very unpleasant thing to think about especially when you start to think about what it does to your mind.
One of the many dangers of using medical marijuana is it impairs your ...view middle of the document...

If a person under the influence got in a car accident they would most likely be held responsible in most cases. A scary fact is that 18 percent of accidents, not including alcohol are because of being under the influence. Most of these people are all under the age 35. As well as a person’s judgment being impaired a person gains respiratory issues as well.
Another possible danger of Marijuana use is respiratory problems. For example coughing and mucus accumulation, that which are also side effects of smoking cigarettes. Marijuana smoke and smoke from tobacco are very similar. It’s full of a toxic mixture of gasses and particles that are a menace to the lungs. “One study found that extra sick days used by frequent marijuana smokers were from respiratory illness,” as said by Stephen P. Thompson from Marijuana is Harmful(2013). If marijuana is smoked regularly that person runs a higher risk of lung infection and/or chest illness. This person as well has the chance of constant sore throat and mouth. US National Library of Medicine’s article on Respiratory Effects of Marijuana and Tobacco Sample use in US sates, “Marijuana use was associated with respiratory symptoms of chronic bronchitis…” Other respiratory side effects of smoking marijuana are frequent phlegm, frequent wheezing, and shortness of breath.
Something else to think about is the poor education outcomes from using marijuana. Stated in Marijuana Affects School, Work, and Social Life from Marijuana is harmful in 2009, “Consequently, someone who smokes marijuana daily may be functioning at a reduced intellectual level most or all of the time.” Compared to non-smoking students evidence shows students who smoke cannabis tend to have lower grades. In 48 different studies, it was found that marijuana use was commonly associated with reduced education accomplishment. Students who smoke Marijuana are also more likely to drop out of school.
On the other side of things, marijuana use can also be helpful to such things as depression and nausea. This would ultimately help AIDS and cancer patients. “Other conditions that cannabis may benefit include: seizures, glaucoma—cannabis decreases intraocular pressure by approximately 25%..,”...

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