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Cannabis Verses Pharmaceutical Drugs To Treat Seizure Disorders

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Cannabis verses pharmaceutical drugs to treat seizure disordersMelissa M. PhillipsCOM/172April 21, 2014Scott Tobias




Cannabis verses pharmaceutical drugs to treat seizure disorders.Chronic illnesses are prevalent this day and age due to various environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. There are various pharmaceutical drugs to treat patients who have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's, cancer, and various seizure disorders. However, the effects of pharmaceutical drugs on people's major organs are devastating. Cannabis is a much safer, 100% natural approach to treating chronic illnesses and it is not damaging to peoples organs. In fact, the human body has built in cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the spleen, and our bodies actually create our own cannabinoid proteins, which contains no psychoactive component. Therefore, the human body creates its own cannabis.Personally, being through what I have been through with my chronic illness; Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), and the numerous amounts of pharmaceutical drugs I have been prescribed. I have had severe allergic reactions to various pharmaceutical drugs, a medication induced seizure, and could have possibly overdosed due to the wrong amount of medication being prescribed. Given my current situation and my new perspective on consuming something that has been on this planet for millions of years (holistic ancient medicine), or consuming something fabricated in a laboratory. I prefer to take the all-natural approach, in treating my IIH. Additionally, I am not the only American in my situation and I am not the only American who has had negative experiences with pharmaceutical drugs. There is a very touching documentary on CNN News by Saundra Young, "Marijuana stops child's severe seizures".Charlotte Figi also known as, Charlie was born a healthy twin full term, weighing 7lbs 12oz. Strong and thriving, everything normal with the twins. Suddenly the Figi's lives changed forever when their three month old daughter had a grand mal seizure. Figi, (2013) "She was laying on her back on the floor," he said, "and her eyes started flickering." The seizure lasted for about thirty minutes. During the seizure she was rushed to the hospital and every test possible performed, but all tests came back normal. The doctors treating Charlie were stumped, they told the Figi's that this would likely subside. However, after repeated seizures, and recurring hospital visits the Figi's were left terrified and confused as to what they could do to help their daughter. Charlie was having around 300 seizures per month, each one lasting for a few hours at a time. After two years the Figi's were able to get Charlie an appointment at Children's Hospital Colorado. The doctors tested Charlie for the SCN1A gene...

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