Canndomble Originated In Brazil Is A Religion Of African Roots

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Candomble originated in Brazil during the nineteenth century. This religion is dedicated to its African roots and the name was created based on many African religious traditions. This religion’s strong tie to Afro-Brazilian religions and connection “to the ways of the old Africans” was famously formed in the city of Salvador da Bahia or Bahia (Murphy). The purpose of Candomble is to incarnate the ancestors and form a connection between “the royal powers of Africa and their children in Brazil” (Murphy). By performing ceremonies to the spirits the group of devotees actions is called “making candomble,” which is mostly referenced when dancing to drum music (Murphy).
Like many other syncretized religions resistance to “racism and cultural hegemony” played a significant part and drew a deep divide between slaves and slave masters (Mitchell). At this time slave masters were in fear that slaves would become powerful enough to control the city and form organized rebellions, as a result of the ideologies and beliefs learned by this unrecognized religion the slaves practiced. However, they failed to realize that this religion was truly unique.
Candomble differed from other Creole religions that assimilated to the religion of their authority. As Mitchell analyzes, the outstanding difference was that Candomble “created a guarantee of their own dignity and survival of their people in their own right, in opposition to the Portuguese Catholic people in this new world” (Mitchell). I found it interesting that in response to racism these people where able to “reassemble African religious system in Brazil, by taking the inabilities of the Catholic faith as an inspiration to address the main concerns of the people” (Mitchell). Essentially Candomble became the “solution to many problems...

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