Capaitalism:This Is About The Subject Capatalism, It Talks About The History Of It, Explains It,And Is Easy To Under Stand.

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CapitalismCapitalism is a social system based on individualrights. The term capitalism is used here in the broaderphilosophical political sense, and not in the narrowereconomic sense, it is a free market, that means thatyou can sell what ever you want. That means drugs,Anything. In my opinion this is a little dangerous butthat what risk taking all about. The US runs short offree enterprise, but we have rule and regulations onwhat we can do. For example you can't sell drugs to akid, you can't sell bombs and weapons, and muchworse.The basic meaning of capitalism is theproductive labor the human work necessary to producegoods and distribute them takes the form of wagelabor. That is, humans work for wages rather than forproduct. One of the aspects of wage labor is that thelaborer tends not to be invested in the product. Laboralso becomes efficient," that is, it becomes defined byits "productivity"; capitalism increases individualproductivity through the division of labor," whichdivides productive labor into its smallest components.The result of the division of labor is to lower the value(in terms of skill and wages) of the individual worker;this would create immense social problems in Europeand America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.Some people support capitalism. Here is a quote"The moral justification of capitalism does not liein the ltruist claim that it represents the best wayto achieve 'the common good.' It is true thatcapitalism does--if that catch-phrase has anymeaning--but this is merely a secondaryconsequence. The moral justification forcapitalism lies in the fact that it is the onlysystem consonant with man's rational nature, thatit protects man's survival qua man, and that itsruling principle is: justice." -- Ayn Rand. I amsure you are wondering what a capitalist reallyis. Did you now an advocate of laissez-faire isknown as a capitalist, novelist Ayn Rand is acapitalist, though economically Engels came froma wealthy background, politically he is recognized asa socialist, communist because of his ideas. If thatdefinition throw you off then this one wont, of theproduction (materials, land, tools) as property into afew hands; this accumulated property is called"capital" and the property-owners of these means ofproduction are called "capitalists." I now that almostevery person in the US is a capitalist, if now they bein China or Russia.One of the important parts of capitalism is thatyou invest money to earn money. There are riskinvolved but company are welling to take the risk toget the ultimate...

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