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Cape Fear Analysis Essay My first impression of Cady when I seen him in prison was just by looking at him I could see he was a psycho, sick person. He had weird tattoos on him and he has a really freaky appearance. I think if I saw him in real life I would shit myself if I seen someone like him in real life. I have seen someone creepy like him but I never did shit my pants. Cady's was put in prison for battery and he was in there for 14 years. He wasn't that happy with his lawyer for what he was put away for, he should have been thankful it was only that and lucky it wasn't rape. He would have been in prison for longer. While in prison, Cady read many books. He learnt by starting of with children's books and he went on reading literature, philosophy, and law. He also learnt a lot through reading as he mentions some things from the books he read throughout the movie. If I was Sam Bowden I wouldn't try and put Cady away because I would have been his lawyer and I would have to defend him no matter what he done. I would be getting paid to defend him and that's that. I would do my best to keep him out of prison it would be my job to do that. Cady causes Sam Bowden trouble while staying in the law by killing Sam's wife's dog, he then brings back the collar later, he is smart and knows how to stay out of trouble,. He even says to Sam's wife as long as he wasn't on their property he wasn't breaking the law. The differences and similarities of both the Cady's is that the black and white Cady isn't as scary looking and he dressers differently. The colour version, Cady looks more different and he looks scarier than the black and white version. He also has tattoos in the colour version. I would prefer the Robert De Niro Cady because he was more scarier than the Robert Mitchum Cady. He looked more like a psycho he had features, like tattoos and his appearance and the way he talked. He was perfect for the part. Danielle was "˜sucked in' when she goes to the drama room. She realises that Cady is evil when she finds out he isn't really the drama teacher and she realises that he is the man that has been coming around to their home. The things that makes Cady scary is the side view and angles from the front this makes his appearance really scary. Seeing him in the dark is...

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