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Capeside Regional High School Community And Education System Analysis

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Welcome to Capeside Regional High School! As an administrator in the Instructional Support Program, I hope you will feel part of the CRHS community and education system. Capeside Regional prides itself as a school that encourages respect, diversity, and positive feelings of community, safety and acceptance (Handbook, 2013). Students will learn how to demonstrate innovation and creativity, take responsibility of their actions, and recognize they contribute to their local, national, and global communities (Greene, 2013) through various cultural opportunities and experiences. Please continue reading to learn how Capeside Regional High School offers a comprehensive educational experience for grades nine to twelve.
Nestled between the towns of Oceanside and Capetown, the school serves a community of 23,992 residents (NEASC, 2013). Capeside Regional High School sits on 300,00 square feet of building space and includes 35 acres of sporting fields and grounds (NEASC, 2013). The student body has grown throughout the last ten years by 29% (NEASC, 2013) and currently enrolls 1,482 students (MDESE, 2013). One hundred and ninety-five staff members (M .Capablo, 2014) at CRHS are devoted to the school’s ongoing values of ensuring a safe, healthy environment for students to learn in (NEASC, 2013).
The ethnic breakdown of student majority at CRHS is white (87%), English speaking (94.6%), and female (52.2%). CRHS data on ethnicity and selected populations is significantly lower than that of Massachusetts state average. For example, at CRHS 4.9% students qualify into a low-income household while at the state level, 37% of students are low-income. 10.4% of students with disabilities are enrolled at CRHS while the state average stands at 17% of the population (Greene, 2013). [SEE CHARTS A and B]
In 2013, CRHS spent an average of $13,865 per student (MDESE, 2013) on their education and denotes a teacher to student ratio of 14.7 to 1 (NEASC, 2013). Capeside Regional High School offers ten programs of study for students: Applied Arts and Tech, English, Fine and Performing Arts, Foreign Language, Health and Fitness, Health Office, Instructional Support, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies (Handbook, 2013).
In the Instructional Support Program, there are 132 students who represent 10.4% of the overall school population (NEASC, 2013). According to 2010 data by Assabet Valley Collaborative (Greene, 2013), students with disabilities who are diagnosed with neurological, SLD (specific learning disorder), communication or other health disability make up 90 of the 132 students registered. Nineteen students are diagnosed with emotional impairment and 12 students are autistic. [SEE CHART C]
The 195 employees at CRHS can be broken down into five categories: administration (4), staff (39), faculty (130), cafeteria (11), and maintenance (11). In the faculty department, teachers and instructional support aides help deliver a high quality education (M. Capablo, 2014). [SEE...

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