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Are Smartphones Improving People's Social Skills Or Harming Them

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Imagine a life without technology, specifically cell phones; no Iphone’s, Blackberry’s or any other type of smart phone. No WhatsApping, emails on the go, taking unexpected pictures and talking on the phone whenever and wherever. All these are the features of the modern cell phone and so the true question is: have cell phones changed human beings socially? The truth is that removing cell phones from people today will undoubtedly leave them lost and incompetent. Before cell phones were invented, people were capable of finding other ways to communicate, one that doesn’t rely on a small object. Consequently, are cellphones actually harming people’s social skills rather than improving them?
Back in the day, people used to communicate and pass messages by carrier pigeons and stone carvings; it evolved to Johannes Gutenberg creating the first ever printing press and then followed the usage of radio transceivers to pass messages during World War II. Next, the huge retro telephones were created in the 80’s and then came that Nokia phone everyone used to carry around in their pockets, the one with SNAKE on it. These days people feel uncomfortable and tense if their phone isn’t in their hand for even five minutes, but years ago cell phone technology was a symbol of wealth for the super-rich, holding that outdated Nokia phone with the black-and-white screen was actually a trend and seen as chic. 20 years ago no one could’ve foreseen that 12 year old girls would be chattering away on their phones with their boyfriends, that homeless people would have outdated Iphone’s and texting would be the new way of communicating. In a time where everyone feels the need to be constantly plugged in by refreshing their Instagram and Facebook pages every five minutes, it's tough to recall a period when it was weird to have strangers follow someone on a site where they could read their everyday thoughts in 140 characters or less. It’s strange to think that a few years back, people could actually function normally without the same liberties people enjoy today. Not only have cell phones revolutionized communication, they also mastered the art of capturing moments and being able to share them with friends, family and even complete strangers. 50 years from now, people’s lives would be documented perfectly and the process of doing so wouldn’t be much of a hassle. In the past, people had to go through the process of taking pictures and then preserving them in a dark room as to not ruin its quality. Thankfully, these days are long over and pictures are now only a snap away. Obviously, cell phones simplify life to the extreme and people depend on them tremendously. Instead of going to the nearest café to sit on the laptop and send an email, the internet is just a click away on modern cell phones. Nowadays, only people who prefer hardcover books are those who venture to the library, as downloading EBooks and reading them on their cell phone is relatively easier and free of charge....

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