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"He who sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for inthe image of God was man created."(Genesis 9:6) "Anyone who by violence causesa death must be put to death."(Exodus 21:12) "But should any person dare tokill another with deliberate planning, you will take that person even from myaltar to be put to death."(Exodus 21:14)Capital Punishment can be described as a the punishment of death for avery bad or heinous crime like murder. Not all states have got capitalpunishment, otherwise known as the "Death Penalty." The states which do not havethis type of punishment are Alaska, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine,Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, WestVirginia, and Wisconsin. The remaining states do have some form of capitalpunishment ranging from hanging, firing squad, electrocution, gas chamber, andlethal injection.If somebody killed someone they would not automatically get the deathpenalty, there are several circumstances that a judge, jury, and prosecutionermust look at to see how bad the crime was. In some states if you kidnap someone,and do heinous things to them, you could still be eligible for the death penalty.Each state which carries a death sentence has got their own requirements that aperson must meet to decide whether they get life in prison, or the sentence ofdeath. Below is each state which carries a death sentence and the requirementsthat a person must meet and be convicted of in order to receive the deathsentence.In Alabama in order to receive the death penalty you must murder duringa kidnapping, robbery, rape, sodomy, burglary, sexual assault, or arson. Also,someone would get the death penalty if they murdered a peace officer,correctional officer, public official, or murder under a life sentence. They'remany more but they are kind of useless to my paper. In the state of Arizona,the only way you could receive the death penalty was if you committed firstdegree murder and had one of ten "aggravating" factors associated with themurder. In Arkansas you must kill someone with arson, kill a law enforcementofficer on purpose, a teacher or school worker, kill a prison worker, a jailattendant, correctional worker, or someone who is in the military. Also if youare a hit man, otherwise known as contract murder. In California you mustcommit treason, which are acts to try to overthrow the government, homicide by aprisoner serving a life term, train wrecking, and lastly perjury causingexecution. For Colorado, it is almost the same as Arkansas but it also includesreferees and judges. In Connecticut "murder of a public safety or correctionalofficer, murder for pecuniary gain; murder in the case of a felony; murder by adefendant with a previous conviction for intentional murder; murder while undera life sentence; murder during kidnapping; illegal sale of cocaine, methadone,or heroin to a person who dies from using these drugs; murder during first-degree sexual assault; multiple murders; the...

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Capital Punishment Essay

1439 words - 6 pages People often get caught up in the idea of capital punishment and what it means to others. For some individuals, it is a good feeling to see others suffer for their crimes. Meanwhile, others view the consequences as quite horrendous. I believe if an individual commits a serious crime, he or she should prepare to suffer the consequences. So strong is the desire to make others suffer for their crimes, we loose sight of what is right and wrong

capital punishment Essay

540 words - 2 pages Running Head: CAPITAL PUNISHMENTCapital Punishment[Writer name][Institute NAME]IntroductionCapital punishment or Death penalty is a mode of punishment by execution or death for committing serious crime. In the other words, we can say that it is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. Most of the executions, since early 1800's, have been of murder cases. Convicts of serious crimes such as treason, rape, armed robbery

Capital Punishment

3867 words - 15 pages Capital Punishment Is there a rational resolution to the capital punishment debate? Arguments on both sides create a hierarchy of various goals and principals in an effort to offer resolution. The principle of “common human dignity” appears to play a central role in determining the appropriateness of the death penalty as punishment. But because “common human dignity” cannot be precisely defined, other considerations - such as whether

Capital Punishment

647 words - 3 pages To Kill a Killer Topic: Capital Punishment Specific purpose: To persuade the audience to vote against capital punishment.Thesis statement: By disagreeing with capital punishment, people as a whole will be able to save money, do what is morally right and end this cruel and unusual punishment.Introduction Attention material: Do two wrongs really make a right? No, of course not, our entire lives we have been taught that hurting someone or even

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545 words - 2 pages Running Head: CAPITAL PUNISHMENTCAPITAL PUNISHMENTCAPITAL PUNISHMENTSummaryThis paper discusses more of the pros and cons of the death penalty and this work shows that there are some pros and cons of the death penalty, as all have. Nevertheless, the death penalty is much better way to punish the perpetrators of serious crimes (Lauren, Malhorta and Kapoor, 2010). That is why it has some advantages than disadvantages.IntroductionCapital punishment

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925 words - 4 pages Capital Punishment In the past, people have invariably felt that if they had been wronged in some way, it was their right to take vengeance on the person who had wronged them. This mentality still exists, even today, but in a lesser form because the law has now outlined the rights of criminals and developed punishments that conform to those rights, yet allow for retribution. However, a growing number of the general public often says that

Capital Punishment

947 words - 4 pages Capital Punishment      Capital punishment is a very controversial issue, but it is a just penalty for murderers. Murderers forfeit their lives for taking the life of another. Capital punishment deters criminals from committing violet crimes. Incapacitating criminals is also another form of deterrence. The death penalty removes harmful criminals from society. In doing this, people can feel much safer knowing that there is one less criminal

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579 words - 2 pages It has been noted that Capital Punishment has a number of unquestionable arguments against it. First of all, genuinely innocent people will be executed and that there is no possible way of compensating them for this miscarriage of justice. In addition, something that is often overlooked, the torture the innocent family and friends of criminals must go through in the time leading up to and during the execution. Finally, Capital Punishment

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843 words - 3 pages Capital PunishmentAlthough People think Capital punishment is against human rights for life and it is cruel to not give the criminals another chance, I think capital punishment is still an effective way to deter violent criminals, because it can give comfort to the victims and their families, it will reduce the government's financial spending, and it is a huge warning for the criminals in order to reduce murder rate.Capital punishment is

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923 words - 4 pages Capital Punishment A thirty-five year old white male kidnaps and rapes two sisters, one nine years old and the other twelve. The man then brutally murders the two sisters, letting one watch as the other one was killed. The man leaves the bloody and beaten girls dead on their front porch. Does this man deserve to die? Capital punishment, if applied in this hypothetical situation, would serve its purpose in getting retribution for this

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1656 words - 7 pages The Debate Over Capital Punishment One of the biggest controversies of this decade is capital punishment. "Capital punishment is the lawful infliction of the death penalty" (Grolier's). There are man different ways in which to carryout the death penalty some "methods of inflicting the death penalty have ranged from stoning in biblical times, crucifixion under the Romans, beheading in France, to those used in the United States

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838 words - 3 pages Capital punishment has a long history. In the 18th century, people were executed for stealing a bolt of cloth (Crime and punishment, 1994). Today, 112 counties in the world have abolished capital punishment in law or practice (Use of the death penalty worldwide, 2004). Capital punishment is a controversial problem. Some people think we should have capital punishment. However, the counter-arguments seem to be much more powerful. Therefore, people

Capital Punishment Essay

928 words - 4 pages                                                   Megan Michaux Capital Punishment                 As part of a democracy

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750 words - 3 pages According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, Capital Punishment is the infliction by due legal process of the penalty of death as a punishment for crime. Capital Punishment, also known as, the Death Penalty has been around for centuries. The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes

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1015 words - 5 pages Capital punishment is a rigid method that is directed by different governments to punish criminals; it is mainly through death sentences. Many years ago, the diffusion of it was numerous, it was officially on every single law system; however, the majority of them abolished capital punishment, and persuaded their neighbors to do the same, as well. The modernization in the way of living has reversed the way people think. Also, there is a huge