Capital Punishment: An Outdated, Uncivilized Form Of Discipline

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John Doe, sentenced to the death penalty after found guilty of four-second degree murders, is truly innocent. He sits in a cold, dark room that reeks of sweat and is drenched in fear. His execution is set for the next day at noon, and his lawyers are frantically trying to prove him innocent. John had a nice wife and a beautiful little girl of eight. He cannot stop thinking about them, even in his sleep. He is haunted by the thought of never seeing them again. The morning of his planned execution, he received a call from his wife, almost screaming in agony and barely able to speak, she managed to say good-bye to her innocent husband. An armed doctor opened the door to John's solitary confinement cell and escorted him to the lethal injection room. He was forced onto the bed and was belted down with leather shackles. The clock read eleven fifty-five AM, and in the last five minutes of his life, all of his memories flashed before his eyes. Then it was time. An employee of the prison locked the steel door to the room and several people behind a one-way mirror were confirming that he was the right inmate. Once it was confirmed, they began the final countdown until the injection. When less then five seconds were left, they received a call from the court to call off the execution. Thankfully, John's lawyers proved his innocence to the judge. They had found out that the prosecutors were withholding evidence from the case. Six years of John's life were wasted on death row; thankfully he still has one. Capital Punishment should be illegal because it takes human life, is an unjust form of punishment, and mistakes are always possible.Capital Punishment and the death penalty are thousands of years old. Capital Punishment is the penalty of death for the commission of a crime. Hammurabi, a Greek ruler who made two hundred eighty-two laws to govern his society, utilized the basic principles of capital punishment. To quote one of his laws "An Eye for and Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth." This pertains to capital punishment because if one takes out an eye of another, one looses one's eye. If one takes the life of another, one looses one's life. These are the basic principles of the death penalty. Over time, these laws were altered to be slightly more humane. They virtually stayed the same until in 1792 when a physician from Philadelphia attempted to abolish the death penalty; however he failed. In 1967, the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for almost ten years, and then in 1976 it was re-established with new guidelines. The death penalty has been in use for thousands of years and has caused many arguments concerning the way it should be achieved.The technology used to commit the death penalty has continuously altered throughout the ages, beginning with the very painful and crude and ending up now as almost completely painless. The Romans resorted to crucifixion, which was extremely painful and involved the convicted individual getting nailed to a post and left...

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